Despite Pushback From Parents, Publicly-Funded “Drag Queen Story Hour” Expands into NYC MIDDLE Schools – “Performers” Teach Children “How to Put on Drag Makeup”

If you think we are approaching a slippery slope, you hit your head on a rock while sliding down a long time ago.

Over the past two years, “drag queen story time” – a disturbing event in which adult men dress up in hyper-sexualized outfits with over-applied makeup and read books to young kids – has become a sweeping phenomenon across the West. The events have been popping up in Leftist areas all over the map, from Los Angeles, California to Austin, Texas, London, England, and everywhere in between.

Even though these “drag” events shouldn’t be held anywhere – and it shouldn’t need to be explained why (children have no place in anything related to “drag”) – the events have been mostly contained to local community centers or public buildings such as libraries. Unfortunately, the left’s push for the hyper-sexualization of children has only intensified over the past few months, which has enabled these sickening programs to begin invading the public school system – backed by public dollars no less.

And, thanks to radical local politicians, that’s exactly what’s happening in New York City middle schools.

According to the Post Millennial, the NY City Council has officially expanded and increased the funding for its “drag queen story hour” program, which will now be offered at public middle schools in addition to libraries and other outdoor areas like parks.

Despite pushback from local parents, creepy adult men dressed as the opposite sex will now be paid by the taxpayer to read stories about pronouns and non-binary toddlers in schools. The expanded project will be paid for out of the NYC council’s pool of discretionary spending money, and, as part of the event, the drag “performers” will assist and teach the young kids how to put on drag queen makeup.

As if the groomer problem wasn’t bad enough already…

The addition of middle schools to the program was announced earlier this week by “dragstoryhourNYC,” which oversees the drag performers in the city, on social media. The post was accompanied by a photo of the first event, which showed children gathered around an adult male drag performer as he read to them.

The post explained that the performer was discussing the woke children’s book ‘Melissa’by Alex Gino – a book that is advertised as “the book formerly known as George” (tells you everything you need to know). Unsurprisingly, the book is about a boy who wants to be a girl.

I wonder how many parents got the memo before this event took place.

From dragstoryhourNYC’s Instagram post:

“Last week, we launched our new ‘reading with royalty’ middle school program at IS 93 in Ridgewood, Queens!”

The post was originally flagged by LibsOfTikTok, who was on top of the issue immediately, as always:

With the expansion of the program, many local parents are scratching their heads, asking, simply, “Why?” Especially considering the massive amount of outrage and pushback from the community.

Critics argue, rightly, that there is absolutely no reason for combining children’s reading time with hyper-sexualized drag performances – and, they are even more upset when they find out that the money to fund the program is coming directly from their tax dollars.

The Post Millennial spoke with a couple of parents who were upset with the city council’s decision:

“When asked about the continuation of the programming, Tony Kinnett said ‘The key question is always ‘why.’ Why does there need to be a special hour for men dressed sexually—to read for kids? Why are children given the responsibility of validating grown men in dresses?’

For Daniel Buck, the answer as to why is simple and sarcastic, “Because representation duh, you bigot. If young children don’t see men dressed as strippers, then they’ll grow up to be white nationalists.”

Indeed, many of these programs stress the courage and bravery of those who dress in these cross-sex costumes to read to children, as though there is something heroic about doing so.”

As for the city council members who are responsible, they are doubling down on the program and singing its praises. One in particular – Jimmy Van Bramer – said that he was “especially proud” to expand drag story hour into schools and promised children access to “queer role models” – something he says he “desperately needed as a kid.”


“I am especially proud to support Drag Queens Story Hour, a wonderfully imaginative and inclusive program for kids that encourages acceptance and a love of reading. Drag Queen Story Hour provides all kids with a space to be themselves and to see queer role models—something I desperately needed as a kid.”  

Thanks to the City’s additional funding, Drag Story Hour NYC is able to organize these events at schools all around the city with the express goal of indoctrinating young children with radical LGBTQ ideology.

If the problem seemed bad up until this point, just wait until next school year.


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