DESPICABLE: ‘2000 Mules’ Reveals 200+ Mules In Maricopa County, Possible 207,435 ILLEGAL Votes Trafficked In Arizona – RINO AG Mark Brnovich Does NOTHING

Dinesh D’Souza’s “2000 Mules” documentary exposed even more shocking evidence that the 2020 Presidential Election was stolen in Arizona, and RINO Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich refuses to do anything about it.

The bombshell film presented Irrefutable evidence of systematic wide-scale voter fraud discovered by True The Vote founder Catherine Engelbrecht and 30-year election intelligence expert Greg Phillips.

Using publicly available geotracking data from the cellphones of ballot trafficking “Mules” and over four million minutes of security footage from dropboxes across the country, True The Vote shows us exactly how Democrats rigged the 2020 election with mail-in voter fraud.

Catherine and Greg purchased cellphone geotracking data from October 1st, 2020, through the 2020 General Election in key swing states across the country and narrowed their search parameters to pinpoint their Mules. Individuals who made unique trips to ten or more ballot drop boxes and five or more visits to a nonprofit organization were identified as ballot Mules.

“When we started the project, we had to figure out how are we going to describe the individuals and the elements involved, and to us, it felt a lot like a cartel… So we began to use that vernacular. A Mule is, by our definition, a person that is involved in picking up ballots from locations and running them to the drop boxes,” said Catherine Engelbrecht.

The Mules were discovered picking up ballots from Democratic nonprofits or “stash houses” in each state and dropping them off at various ballot dropboxes around town.

Many were even filmed visiting dropboxes in the middle of the night, wearing gloves while handling ballots, and photographing themselves stuffing the ballots. These alone are major red flags.

In the film, Engelbrecht explained,

One of the questions that will come up in the work that we’ve done is, “well, how do you know that this wasn’t just somebody that’s got a big family and they just deposited a bunch of ballots once?” Or, “how do you know that this person didn’t just work at a location that is near a Dropbox and so they’re constantly going by a Dropbox?“ the elements that are added to here, the going to the nonprofits, the ability to identify the pattern of approach to Dropbox and that it is going not past a Dropbox and on but directly to a Dropbox and back to another point and then to another Dropbox; all of these things.

Over 200 Mules were discovered in Phoenix, the largest city in Arizona and Maricopa County. “We have recently learned video was specifically turned off on particular drop boxes [in Arizona],” said Greg Phillips.

In 2021, The full forensic audit of Maricopa County’s 2020 election discovered hundreds of thousands of additional ballot discrepancies and illegal votes.

Almost one month before the” 2000 Mules” worldwide premiere, Mark Brnovich finally released a long-awaited “interim report” on the Maricopa County election audit, where he described Maricopa County’s ongoing failures to comply with his investigation and revealed that “between 100,000 and 200,000 ballots were transported without a proper chain of custody.” The actual number of ballots lacking chain of custody documentation is believed to be much higher, and Brnovich failed to mention the 200,000 ballot signature issues identified by Dr. Shiva.

“The EIU’s review has uncovered instances of election fraud by individuals who have been or will be prosecuted for various elections crimes,” stated his report. 

Despite these horrible crimes and the massive evidence that has been presented, said prosecutions have not been made. Instead, “he wants to be politically correct,” said President Trump.

BREAKING: Arizona Attorney General Releases Maricopa County 2020 Election Interim Report – Individuals To Be Prosecuted For Election Fraud

Shortly after the premiere of 2000 Mules, which was sold out in every theatre in Maricopa County, Brnovich claimed that he was fighting “every day for trustworthy elections.” Yet, he hasn’t said a word or taken any action in response to True The Vote’s smoking gun.

Dinesh D’Souza and True The Vote even provided estimates of how many votes were illegally trafficked in each swing state based on the number of mules, average number of dropbox visits, and average number of ballots stuffed into each box. This limited criteria found that President Trump actually won in Georgia, Arizona, and Pennsylvania giving him 279 electoral votes and a second term as President.

In Arizona, the investigation concluded, 200 mules visited on average 20 dropboxes and stuffed five illegal ballots per drop totaling 20,000 illegal votes, which is almost twice the margin of victory in Arizona.

When True The Vote widened the search criteria to include individuals who visited five or more dropboxes instead of ten or more, they discovered 54,000 Mules nationwide! They then used a conservative three ballots per dropbox visit to estimate the total number of illegally trafficked ballots.

Using these criteria, they discovered that President Trump won in all key swing states with a final electoral count of 305 for Trump and 233 for Biden.

Their expanded search also found that 207,435 illegal votes were trafficked in Arizona alone.

All of this evidence of voter fraud in Arizona’s 2020 election was revealed to the public last week and AG Brnovich still hasn’t made any new arrests. He continues to kick the can down the road and play politics as usual.

Yesterday, The Gateway Pundit reported that the Yuma County Sheriff’s office has started examining cases of voter fraud in the 2020 General Election and the 2022 Primary Election in response to “2000 Mules”.

BREAKING: Yuma County Sheriff Releases Report On ‘Yuma County Voting Fraud’ In 2020 General & 2022 Primary Elections: “As of March 2022, YCSO has 16 voting/registration open cases.”

Where is Mark Brnovich?

Contact the Arizona Attorney General’s office to demand indictments before this can happen again in 2022! 

The Gateway Pundit reported that 2000 Mules is coming back to theaters. Purchase the movie today and look for updates on showtimes at Every American needs to see this film immediately.


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