Bolsonaro: “I hope Biden will keep the agreements I signed with Trump” – Brazilian President speaks about meeting with Biden at Americas Summit

Bolsonaro and Christopher Dodd after a meeting in Brasília, on May 24, 2022.Photographer: Clauber Caetano/Planalto Palace

Bolsonaro and Christopher Dodd after a meeting in Brasília, on May 24, 2022. Photographer: Clauber Caetano/Planalto Palace


RECIFE, BRAZIL – Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro will meet with U.S. President Joe Biden at Summit of the Americas next month in Los Angeles. The bilateral meeting was requested by the U.S president through the special envoy from White House, Christopher Dodd. The heads of state of Bolivia, Honduras and Argentina don’t plan to attend the diplomatic event.

During Donald Trump’s administration in U.S, President Jair Bolsonaro always praised the conduct of the American government and signed economic agreements that benefited both countries. However, the relationship with Brazil was weakened after the election of Joe Biden.

Bolsonaro had doubts about the legitimacy of Biden’s election. The Brazilian president was one of the last world leaders to congratulate the democrat on the election result.

The meeting between Bolsonaro and Biden – the leaders of the two largest democracies in the American hemisphere – will be the first between them since the U.S. president took over the White House, in January last year.

Bolsonaro intends to talk to Biden about the elections in Brazil and issues related to the natural environment. Brazil is the country in the world that dedicates the most territory to the protection of native vegetation, according to the United Nations (U.N).

Commenting on going to the Summit, Bolsonaro emphasized that he had a good relationship with Donald Trump. And that he hopes Biden will maintain the agreements signed with Brazil during President Trump’s administration.

“We will speak the position of Brazil, of what had been treated with President Donald Trump, while he was president, to continue that policy. It is for the good of our peoples”, Bolsonaro said while leaving a religious celebration.

According to sources in the Brazilian Government Palace, Jair Bolsonaro watched the documentary “2000 Mules” and would have been frightened by the strong indications of fraud in the 2020 US elections. However, to avoid a diplomatic incident, he chose not to comment on Dinesh D’Souza’s production.

Bolsonaro also criticized Biden’s posture at the G-20 meeting in October last year. According to the Brazilian administrator, the American president did not greet the leaders of other countries. Bolsonaro spoke that Biden may be old and forgotten.

“I met him at the G-20, he passed as if I didn’t exist. But it was with everyone on Biden’s part, I don’t know if it is age, I don’t know what it is,” he said.

Besides Biden’s leftist positions, the American president’s posture has irritated the Brazilian president. Bolsonaro sees Biden’s attitude in his supposed defense of the Amazon as an attempt to interfere in Brazil’s sovereignty.

Under Bolsonaro’s government, the deforestation rates in the Amazon are under control. However, leftist NGOs and those linked to international groups are trying to weaken Bolsonaro’s conservative administration in Brazil with false claims about the Amazon rainforest.

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