Biden Institutes Rules Forbidding US Soldiers from Non-Official Travel to Israel

The Biden/Obama Administration has instituted rules forbidding American soldiers from traveling to Israel on non-official business or pleasure. 

The Times of Israel reported on this anti-Israel policy of the Biden/Obama regime that was recently put in place.  According to the Times of Israel:

Men and women serving in the US Armed Forces are restricted from traveling on leave to countries in the United States Central Command Area of Responsibility (AOR), which includes Israel, The Times of Israel has learned.

On September 8, 2021, exactly one week after Israel was officially moved into CENTCOM’s AOR, the Command published updates to its guidance on travel, signed by Chief of Staff Major General Patrick D. Frank. The revised Central Command Regulation 55-2  states that “unofficial travel into the USCENTCOM AOR is not authorized.”

According to the previous iteration of the document from June 9, 2020, unofficial travel — which includes leave — to countries in the AOR needed only permission from the first O-6 in the applicant’s chain of command. An O-6 is a captain in the US Navy and a colonel in the other branches of the US military.

Approval was almost always granted.

Under the new restrictive guidance, servicemen and women do have the option of appealing for emergency approval from their component commanders, senior flag officers at the rank of general and admiral. However, that process is highly unlikely to be approved. Requests must be made 30 days in advance, a requirement that flies in the face of most emergency circumstances…

…In the 2020 version, travel only to Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Syria, or Yemen was listed as “not authorized,” clearly a security precaution. Since the 2021 updates, however, relatively safe and stable US allies like the UAE and Israel are listed in the same way.

The restrictions do not only affect visiting troops. They also apply to the dozens of US reservists living or studying in Israel, who are on assignment elsewhere and wish to return to their homes and families. Currently, four reservist US military chaplains call Israel their home.

Those in the government who made up this new rule claim that it is in response to COVID but this may not be honest.  For example, we know that Barack Obama hates Israel.  He showed this by the way he treated Israel harshly during his term in office.

Obama Admits He Screwed Over Israel=> Made the Call to Abstain from Anti-Israel UN Resolution (Video)

We also know Obama hated Israel by Obama’s actions in the Middle East.  Obama was behind arming ISIS.  Obama gave Iran billions and signed a worthless agreement that was sure to provide for Iran to obtain a nuclear weapon.  Now back in power after the stolen 2020 Election, Biden/Obama are doing all they can to help Iran while destroying the US economy in the process.

Biden-Obama Are Killing the Petro Dollar and the US Economy By Aligning with Iran While Helping Russia Immensely

This is just an extension of Obama’s destruction of the US and Israel.  From this we know which side Obama and his proxy, Biden, are on. 

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