Arkansas America First Senate Candidate Jake Bequette’s Name Listed Incorrectly on Ballots, Election Officials Refuse to Correct It

Arkansas Senate candidate Jake Bequette’s name has been printed incorrectly on thousands of ballots and state election officials are refusing to correct it.

The ballots in several counties say “Jack Bequette” instead of “Jake Bequette.”

Bequette has now released audio of his campaign calling election officials to have the issue corrected — and being told that they will not fix it because voting has already started.


Speaking to the Gateway Pundit, Bequette said that the ballot issue is part of the “establishment political machine” trying to “steal another election.”

“The voter fraud that occurred in the 2020 election was absolutely egregious, and now we’re seeing the establishment political machine try and steal another election here in Arkansas,” Bequette said. “For weeks, statewide election officials have known that my name was going to be listed incorrectly on ballots here in Arkansas, but they refused to act, correct the ballots, notify the voting public, or even notify my campaign.”

Bequette continued, “That’s what an intentional, political cover-up of voter fraud looks like. It’s disgusting, and it should be fixed immediately. I’m calling for Secretary of State John Thurston and Attorney General Leslie Rutledge to fully investigate this fraud and find a solution that will ensure voters across Arkansas are able to confidently participate in this election process and vote for a true conservative warrior.”

Bequette is an Army veteran, Trump supporter and former NFL player.

The candidate is challenging establishment Republican Senator John Boozman, who has been endorsed by former President Donald Trump, but has been caught on hidden camera comparing concerns about the legitimacy of the 2020 election to the Democrat’s Russiagate hysteria.

Sen. Boozman has said that he does not believe Trump should run in 2024, previously saying “I don’t see it happening.”

In the hidden camera footage obtained by the Gateway Pundit, Boozman Says the 2020 election was okay, because Republicans investigated it.

“I, you know, I don’t blame him in the sense that, we hear this out of Trump, this is a guy that during his entire presidency, you had a situation where the Democrats were doing the same thing. You know, they declared him illegitimate… and actually, the thing to watch as you go forward, is this investigation, that um, this guy is doing, a special prosecutor, about what all went on regarding the FBI and all of the Russia Collusion stuff they made up. You know, so, it works both ways,” he said.

Sen. Boozman has previously praised Liz Cheney’s impeachment vote calling it a “vote of conscience” and said that she shouldn’t be punished because she was doing what she thought was “the right thing.” He recently criticized the RNC for censuring Cheney and Rep. Adam Kinzinger.

The senator has also said there was “no question” President Trump should be blamed for January 6th and indicated he should be charged in a criminal or civil court.

Sen. Boozman was a strong supporter of the Russia investigation.

In 2018, he attacked President Trump for calling it a “Witch Hunt” and said he wanted a “very thorough” investigation. When the special counsel was initially assigned, Boozman called Mueller a “great choice” and was incredibly supportive of the investigation.

In 2019, he indicated support for subpoenaing Donald Trump Jr.

Trump endorsed Boozman, likely at the urging of GOP leadership. Perhaps it is time for him to question the person giving him this advice.

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