Angela Stanton King Rallies Crowd Against Joe Biden Outside Tops Grocery Store in Buffalo, NY : “You Can’t Bring A Knife To A Gunfight. STAY STRAPPED!”

Angela Stanton King, a former U.S. Congressional candidate for Georgia’s 5th District, the Founder and President of the American King Foundation, and goddaughter of. Dr. Alveda King, visited the Tops grocery store in Buffalo, New York, where at least nine people were shot and several killed in a mass shooting on Saturday.

The Gateway Pundit reported earlier that Joe Biden traveled to Buffalo, New York, to smear Republicans and blame conservatives for a mass shooting on Saturday at a grocery store by a deranged teen and admitted leftist. Still,  Joe Biden blamed this incident solely on “white supremacy.”

A New Record: Joe Biden Delivers Nasty Speech Blaming Republicans After Leftist Shoots Up Buffalo Store — ONLY 821 People Tune In — But 81 Million Votes!

Joe Biden wants to take our guns. Angela King wants us to “stay strapped.”

Outside of the store, King rallied a crowd of people to show their dissent against Joe Biden’s pathetic virtue signal.

Ms. King initially planned to confront Joe Biden and ask him why he is letting black communities suffer in America, but due to flight complications, she was unable to meet Biden.

Outside of the grocery store with Black Guns Matter founder Maj Toure, Angela Stanton King spoke to the black community to encourage self-defense and gun ownership and to point out the lies from Joe Biden and the Democrats.

We need you to be active in the lives of these young men in your community. I need you to get active. It doesn’t matter if it’s your child or not. We can’t depend on the TV to raise our children. We can’t depend on sold-out politicians to raise our children because they’re getting a check! We’re over here hurting right now, trying to figure out where are we going to get food from? Where do we go from here?

Let’s talk about the long-term impacts of what just happened and you got a President that came out here in our community to tell us to give up our guns. You’ve gotta be kidding me! We just watched a video of ten beloved people in this community, brothers, grandparents, fathers, they weren’t doing nothing wrong. All they were doing was getting groceries and we just watched them get their head blown off. You can’t bring a knife to a gunfight. STAY STRAPPED!

Somebody told me, I’d rather be caught alive with it, than dead without it. Everybody in the grocery store on Saturday needed to be strapped!

The reality is, black community, we are under attack. Don’t think that all of these people walking around here, these politicians come into town and you think they care about us. All they care about is their money. That’s why, Black Lives Matter, when they came to burn down our communities, what did they do? They wanted to make it seem like it was black people but I’ve seen them little white kids dressed in all black. 

They want to be silent about ANTIFA. They want to make it seem like it’s us. We can no longer afford to be misled. Black lives are at stake. We are being attacked from every angle. Our black men are under attack.

Babies are being murdered. Did you know they just voted last week to abort babies up until the moment of birth? In New York, did you know there are more black babies aborted than there are born?

After they voted in Ketanji Brown Jackson, whos married to a white man, The New York Post ran a story about why it’s better for black women to marry white. So you want us to abort our babies and then abandon our men? What happens to black life when we do that? Just go along to get along. We dont want to upset nobody. We want to make sure everybody’s being friends. We don’t want to mess with nobody’s money. Y’all better speak up because them people ain’t gonna do nothing for you. It’s time for us to do for ourselves. I’m not asking you to depend on a party; I’m asking you to depend on us. And guess what if we got some people that want to help us, that’s fine but we can no longer depend on the government. 



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