Amazing! Watch This Black Man and Pro-Lifer Confront Protesting Pro-Abortion Doctors and Medical Personnel on Black Lives Matter (VIDEO)

If Black Lives really Mattered, the black community would rise up and destroy Planned Parenthood. Why? Because 19 million black babies have been slaughtered in abortions since 1972. This is three times the number of Jews exterminated in the Holocaust.

One black brother understands and confronted a group of medical personnel protesting in support of continuing doing abortions:

I want to buy this dude a dinner. His choice. He lays it out perfectly exposing the hypocrisy inherent in the abortion industry.

The leak of Justice Alito’s ruling that states should have the final say in whether or not infanticide is allowed was a planned op. What puzzles me is why the baby murderers decided to blow this up now. The American public has a short attention span. All of the outrage and faux anger being voiced by the Planned Parenthood crowd today is likely to fade into the background when the judicial opinion is released in June. Why did they shoot their wad now? I attribute it to desperation.

Here is the reality. This opinion does not end abortion. It merely codifies that states can set their own policies. If you are black and living in New York or California, these liberal enclaves encourage black women to kill their offspring. It is that simple. Those who proclaim that we are going back to the bad old days of using coat hangers to kill a prospective child are liars.

Democrat hopes that this will change their trajectory of defeat looming in the November elections is delusional. Most Americans are on board for protecting the lives of babies. There is an evil minority that embraces killing those who cannot protect themselves. But they are a minority.

There is an odd benefit from this debate over abortion. During the last two years we have been subjected to a constant hectoring that there is no such thing as a woman. Nope, birthing persons. This madness includes an Oregon school system putting maxi pad stations in boy’s toliets. Yeah, that makes sense. All the boys need a Kotex pad to staunch their monthly menstrual cycle. That is a visible definition of insanity.

Democrats have a choice to make. Is there such a thing as women who menstruate and give birth to children or is this just a social construct? “Our bodies our right” sure is tough to reconcile with government mandates that you must be vaccinated regardless of your views about a vaccine that does not work.

I am just popping pop corn and pouring a cold one. I love watching the loons on the left set themselves on fire.

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