PAYBACK: MI House Speaker Jason Wentworth OUSTS Trump Endorsed Candidate For Speaker, Rep. Matt Maddock, From House GOP Caucus Only 3 Days After Establishment GOP Bloodbath

100 Percent Fed Up Exclusive – Late in the day on Tuesday, the MI House Republican Caucus, under the leadership of Speaker Jason Wentworth and House Caucus Chair Matt Hall, have expelled the popular conservative MI State Representative Matt Maddock (R).

MI House Speaker Jason Wentworth and Wanna-be Speaker, Caucus Chair Matt Hall

Local far-left media was elated to see the establishment Republicans attacking one of the most popular and consistently one of the top fundraising Republican lawmaker’s in Michigan. Jonathan Oosting of the Detroit Free Press cites sources “familiar with the situation” to accuse Maddock of “allegedly violating caucus rules.”

We spoke with Rep. Matt Maddock, who said he was “never given a reason” for the decision to expel him from the caucus.

So, what was Rep. Maddock’s crime? Why was he expelled from the House Caucus?

Rep. Maddock’s crime was supporting President Trump and Trump-endorsed candidates in Michigan. Instead of supporting candidates simply because they’re incumbents, Maddock has taken a more thoughtful approach and has thrown his support behind America-first candidates who will fight to support Trump’s agenda.

Maddock’s most serious crime, however, might be his happy marriage to the intelligent, outspoken, conservative, and beautiful MI GOP Co-chair Meshawn Maddock, who has never wavered in her steadfast support for President Trump.

On Saturday, Michigan establishment Republican lawmakers were humiliated when 2,000 GOP delegates voted at the state convention to choose Kristina Karamo as their secretary of state candidate and Constitutional Attorney Matt DePerno as their candidate to run in the general election. Both are grassroots candidates, and with a few exceptions, like Rep. Matt Maddock, they got no support from members of the GOP majority Republican House.

MI GOP candidate for SOS Kristina Karamo and MI GOP candidate for Attorney General Matt DePerno

The majority of House and Senate Republicans in Michigan fought hard to convince delegates to support DePerno’s strongest opponent, Tom Leonard, for the AG spot. Leonard is a fellow establishment Republican who ran for AG in 2018 and lost to Dana Nessel, giving Michigan America’s most lawless attorney general.

Michigan GOP delegates, who’ve openly expressed their frustration with Republican leadership in Lansing for refusing to conduct a forensic audit of the 2020 election, rebuffed attempts by establishment Republicans, and overwhelming chose the Trump, and Meshawn Maddock endorsed candidates, leaving GOP leadership in Lansing with egg on their faces.

The Maddocks, whose influence has grown exponentially in the Michigan Republican Party over the years, are not afraid to rock the boat with establishment Republicans. But on Tuesday, House Speaker Jason Wentworth and House Speaker wanna-be Matt Hall put the couple on notice—do it our way—or we will strip you of any power or influence, and we’ll publicly shame you in front of fellow lawmakers.

It’s worth noting that House Speaker Wentworth, who is term-limited, and House Speaker wanna-be Matt Hall are keenly aware that by stripping one of the most popular grassroots lawmakers in Lansing from the House Caucus, they can also prevent the Trump-endorsed Maddock from running for Speaker in 2022.

Their plan is eerily reminiscent of the Democrats’ plot to impeach President Trump for the Jan. 6 incident, when they hoped their demonization of Trump would cause him to lose favor with his base. Speaker Wentworth and Caucus Chair (Speaker wanna-be) Hall may have overplayed their hand this time, however, as their scheme is relatively transparent and will likely cause Maddock to become even more popular with members of the House after they realized the dirty tactics employed by Wentworth and Hall in an attempt to take Maddock out of the running for Speaker.

President Trump’s endorsement of Rep. Matt Maddock for Speaker of the MI House.

The MI GOP Caucus meets three days a week before they go onto the floor to discuss legislation. Every elected GOP Rep. is a member of the caucus. Being excluded from the caucus means you are alienated from discussing or debating bills with members of your own party before voting, essentially stripping members of the ability to better understand bills they’re voting for or against. In the very rare case that a lawmaker is expelled from the caucus, they are expected to simply show up and vote.

Maddock’s expulsion from the House Caucus means he can no longer communicate with other members of the MI GOP about upcoming bills or any other issues on a private caucus thread. Maddock’s name was also removed from the MI GOP House website. What that means is that spiteful MI lawmakers have made it impossible for Maddock’s taxpaying constituents to locate him on the MI GOP House website.

Only twice in the last 7 seven-year has a member been removed from the GOP House Caucus.

Three Democrats have been in serious trouble over the past year-and-a-half. Not one of them has been removed from their House Caucus.

Only one year ago, MI State Rep. Jewell Jones (D) was pulled by Michigan State Police officers for suspected drunk driving after crashing his vehicle in a ditch. His blood alcohol of more than .19, nearly twice the legal limit. Rep. Jones and the woman in the passenger seat both had their pants pulled down when he was pulled over. Jones fought back against police officers resisted arrest, was tased by police officers and repeatedly name-dropped MI Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

Rep. Jewell Jones was never removed from the Democrat House Caucus.

MI State Rep. Mary Cavanaugh (D) was arrested in February for drunk driving. She was seen by officers driving on two flat tires when she was pulled over. When asked how much she had to drink, MI Dem Rep. replied, “two glasses.” Her blood-alcohol level of .20 was even higher than her fellow Dem Rep Jewell Jones. This was Rep. Cavanaugh’s second drunk driving arrest.

Dem. Rep. Mary Cavanaugh is still a member of the Democrat House Caucus and is now running for a position as a MI State Senator.

During the testimony on voter fraud in Detroit, House Oversight Committee member, Dem. Rep. Cynthia Johnson attempted to doxx one a City of Detroit whistleblower. The next day, the Democrat state rep. made a threatening Facebook video warning, “You Trumpers—be careful—walk lately,” following up with a video calling on her supporters, “Those of you who are soldiers,” she said, “You know how to do it—make them pay!” MI GOP leadership stripped Johnson of her committees, while Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer asked the GOP leadership to reinstate her, saying her crime didn’t fit the punishment.

Dem Rep. Cynthia Johnson is still part of the Democrat House Caucus.

Trump lawyer Christina Bobb nailed it with this tweet:

And then, we have Emily Lawler, the Free Press politics editor, who reported Rep. Matt Maddock to AP fact-checkers for a quote she found on his Facebook page tonight. LOL! This has to be one of the sorriest “reporters” in America.



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