“We’re Well on Our Way to Statehood” – Paul Preston on Using the West Virginia Model to Create the State of “New California”

The state of New California is in the works and has been for some time.  This effort uses the West Virginia model of statehood and the US Constitution believes it’s well on its way to statehood. 

The people of California have had enough.  They don’t want to be part of the corrupt mess created by corrupt and unconstitutional politicians in California.  So they decided to create their own state using West Virginia’s model for statehood.

New California is more than a dream – it’s in the works. Below is the people’s notice that the current state is in default and a new state is in the works.

Default April 11 2022 State of New California by Jim Hoft on Scribd

See the website for much more here.

Paul Preston, who is one of many behind New California, was on the Joe Hoft Show yesterday at Real Talk 93.3 and he shared the following:

Well, we’re making the new state of California, in fact, we’re well on the way to statehood.  Actually, we have been doing this now for about 5 years solid, 6 years – 7 years with the research and so on.  And, we’ve amassed 56 of the 58 counties, either whole or in part of them, to become part of this, our charter for New California state.  And right now we have a very, very vibrant group that’s out there.  We’re growing.  We’re continuing to grow.

We’ve been sort of running silent, running deep, but we’ve managed to really have some outstanding accomplishments that have built a great history for the new state of California.  We’ve had 9 constitutional conventions.  We’re going to be going into the 10th constitutional convention coming up here in June.  We did invite the President to be our keynote speaker.  That’s still up in the air but still the idea that we can do something like that.  And also, we’ve created our own legislature.  We’ve been passing our own resolutions…

…We offer hope.  We offer liberty and all the things we think we’ve always had in California.  You know quite frankly the whole nation is on the hook right now.  And we’re an originalist constitutionalist group and we’re following the Constitution as its provided in Article 4 Section 3 of the Constitution.

We’re following the model to statehood that West Virginia left behind…

Listen to more of Monday’s discussion below:

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