WATCH: Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Tells Jim Acosta to His Face, ‘You Know Why People Don’t Like You? Because You’re a Liar’

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene got into a heated exchange with CNN anchor Jim Acosta on Thursday, during which she told him to his face that people don’t like him because he’s a liar.

Acosta was harassing the congresswoman about a text message she sent to Mark Meadows about members of Congress suggesting that perhaps President Donald Trump should declare martial law following the protest on January 6 at the Capitol.

“Did you send a text in asking for the president to declare martial law?” asked Acosta. “Did you do that?”

“I don’t recall those being my text messages,” said Greene, demanding that Acosta be honest and report on the whole text, during which she said “I don’t know about those things.”

“Why don’t you be honest?” asked Greene.

“You’re just another one of those liars on television,” she added. “And people hate it, they hate it. They can’t stand the liars on television.”

Greene told Acosta to pull up the message and read it, emphasizing the part where she said she did not know about martial law.

“Wait, excuse me, stop,” Greene said. “‘I don’t know on those things.’ Is that what it says?”

“You’re lying. You’re a liar. You know why people don’t like you?” added Greene. “Because you’re a liar. Why do you want to lie on television for your viewers.”

“I’m not trying to lie,” said Acosta.

“You’re accusing me of something and then when you read the actual words it tells another story,” said Greene. “It tells the truth.”

Greene eventually told the CNN reporter to stop harassing her and left.


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