WATCH: Louisiana Teacher Says That if Educators Can Teach Her Children About ‘Gender Identities’ She Should Be Allowed to Teach Them God Doesn’t Make Mistakes

A viral TikTok video from a Louisiana elementary school teacher has gone viral after she insisted she should be allowed to teach her students that God did not make a mistake when he created them.

Kristan Whann, a 4th grade teacher at Doyle Elementary in Livingston, argued that if other teachers can talk to her children about “gender identity” she should have the liberty to counter it in her own classroom.

“I should be able to teach them about Jesus and how God created them a boy or a girl on purpose and for a purpose. If you have the freedom to teach my child that they might be confused about their gender, then I should also have the liberty to teach your child that God did not make a mistake when he created them. I think it’s time we even out the playing ground,” Whann says.

The video has sparked complete meltdowns from the left, many of whom mocked her accent or religious beliefs. They have also been bombarding the school with complaints in order to try and get her fired.

In the comments on her video, Whann responded to a user who said “bring back Jesus in schools!!!!” by saying it is her “heart’s desire.”

As of Wednesday, the school had not commented on the video or leftist meltdown.


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