ROGER STONE: Please Help Jan 6er Bobby Gieswein – Held in DC Gulag for 15 Months – Never Committed a Crime In His Life

Guest post by Roger Stone

Left-Wing Activists for Public Defenders: Cases look grim for Jan 6 defendants without counsel

Attempts to tie me baselessly to the events of January 6th , particularly by  ABC News, the Washington Post , the New York Times and MSNBC  have failed spectacularly. Now it is my intention to speak out for those who’s rights are being trampled on and who’s lives are in danger,

All-American Bobby Gieswein has been held on federal charges in the DC Gitmo for fifteen months—forced to waive his right to a speedy trial and facing delay after delay in a backlogged crooked court as the political battle overhead wages on.

“He has never been so much as suspended from school before this,” his mother Sherry told the Gateway Pundit.

“It is so hard as a mother to have someone torturing and abusing my son, and I am powerless to help him. I miss my son more than words can express.”

***BOBBY NEEDS OUR HELP! Please support fundraiser for proper counsel:***

Despite a crystal-clear record and zero history of violence or “extremism”, the 24-year-old’s understanding of the Constitutional principles of checks and balances, the right to petition grievances, and an awareness of the left’s tendency toward political violence are being used against him in the court of lawlessness. (His protective apparel and desire to root out corruption, having been cited in motions to deny bond.)

“For over a year they are not allowed to get haircuts or shave, they have to use harsh chemicals on their faces for hair removal.  They don’t have good food or sunshine.  They don’t get proper medical care.  They are being held pretrial indefinitely. Where is the help?  Where is the humanity?” Sherry told TGP.  “Why is there such an obvious two-tiered justice system when it comes to our loved ones?”

From the bench at his preliminary hearing, Denver Magistrate Judge Varholak swept Bobby into an originating cause of melee, some kind of guilt by association without individualized cause: “Five people died,” the judge said, ignoring who. “The actions of the mob led to that result.”

The case was transferred to the notorious Judge Emmet G Sullivan, who is known for “running the clock out” in DC district court and going rogue on more cases than General Flynn’s. And so Bobby sits, stripped of rights, in a 6×9 cell, awaiting trial for over 400 days.

***Please donate to Bobby’s fundraiser for legal and living expenses here:***

As if court corruption, prosecutorial misconduct, and swirling media sensation weren’t enough, Gieswein—who’s mother has been the full-time caretaker of his sister with a disabling autoimmune disease since his father’s sudden passing in 2018—relies on two heavily unsympathetic public defenders to represent him.

In the past several years, both of Gieswein’s lawyers have donated more than $20,000 to Democrat causes—hundreds since taking on his case—including the Hillary Victory Fund, left-wing dark-money funnel ActBlue (with its known loopholes for election interference), and Progressive Turnout Project. (‘Sign the Petition to Prosecute Trump!’, on its website, for his role in ‘inciting an insurrection’.)

But their defense strategy has swung from apathy to downright disdain.

They acknowledge the double-standard in the legal system and continue it in perpetuity—spending time pushing their client to plead to BS charges instead of crafting a defense. (Misleading him, hiding information, and—by their own volition—attempting to blame the President for entrapment in a motion for bond.) Just roll over and repent.

Although Bobby is accused of “assaulting or impeding” officers with a deadly weapon—an unidentified aerosol spray—there is no evidence that he aimed it at any officers, nor are there any officers identified as contacted.


His other seven charges include the already-disproven and widely-flung charge of obstruction, civil disorder, aiding and abetting, entering a restricted building, and destruction of government property (for climbing through an already broken window but not for actually destroying anything).

For someone who has never committed a crime—and in light of the child molesters and murderers who are let out as the justice system tends to allow—continued detention seems somewhat severe.


“They are by UN standards being tortured, many of their constitutional rights are being violated.  The system is failing and abusing these people and no one is helping,” his mother said.

Even Trump Inauguration Antifa rioter and avowed anarchist Dane Powell—who, with a gas mask and hammer and face intentionally obscured, admitted to breaking multiple glass windows and throwing bricks at a police officer’s head during the riot—was let out on personal recognizance after five days in jail.

Despite the similarity of the storyline by the prosecutor’s estimation and the judge’s acknowledgment that he was “deliberately trying to hurt people,” Powell was sentenced to four months in prison. His behavior—credibly worse than Gieswein’s though not classified as “terrorism” because of the abstract nature of the Antifa “idea”—was merely social discontent amid a “festival of resistance” and a “net positive for the country” according to Dervish-grade media spins.

(In fact, of the entire “DisruptJ20” ordeal of 2017—with over 200 arrested and charged, and of those over 200 flatly dismissed—Powell was the only one to spend more than five days in jail or be sentenced.)

“The state unintentionally helped to create stronger infrastructure in the radical/left scene,” said one “they/them” J20 rioter about the aftermath of the flatline of a left-wing case, tried in a left-wing city by a left-wing prosecutorial team.

After all of the fiery violence and rage, threats of acid attacks and flying cement blocks from that chaotic inaugural scene four years prior—can the court blame Bobby for wearing a helmet and vest to the Capitol on January 6th?

This is a sham arrest for show trial. He is being abused. It is time to restore justice.

In the past 15 months of life-disrupted—including her daughter’s exacerbated autoimmune condition, her son publicly vilified, and financial fatigue—Bobby’s mother said, “I have gotten to know many of the people locked up in the patriot pod in DC, and they are some of the best people that you could ever hope to meet.  True patriotic Americans, who still sing the National Anthem every night with such passion and love for our country. Who hold their own religious services, since they are denied these services through the jail.”

She helps to maintain a GETTR and TruthSocial account (both @Jan6_Detainees) to share their messages from inside of the jail, which she encourages readers to follow and share.

“We are desperate, many of us are losing everything, many of us need help,” she said. “We want our loved ones home, we need our loved ones home!”

***Please help Bobby retain a lawyer to defend him in this unholy battle. Time is running out until his trial in October. He cannot do it with these public defenders, and he cannot do it without our help!!!***

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