A Broken System: “Republican Leaders Privately Hate Their Own Voters, and the Feeling is Mutual – Can’t Govern Like That”: Pollster Breaks Down The Democrat’s HUGE Advantage that No One talks About

National pollster Richard Baris, colloquially known as “the People’s Pundit,” is calling attention to a massive issue that plagues Republican governance in the United States – GOP voters despise the elected officials who are elevated to office, and vice versa.

This unfortunate situation is reflected in recent polling data, according to Baris, which shows GOP leaders, like Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy, having critically low favorability among Republican voters. McConnell’s approval rating, specifically, is in the toilet, with just 9.7% of Republicans having a “very favorable” opinion of him. Astoundingly, the number is just two points higher than with Democrats, who checked in at 7.6% “very favorable.

The fact that McConnell is polling similarly on both sides tells you everything you need to know about his actions as a Senator. He is a swamp creature of the worst ilk.

What’s more, the poll, which was taken at the end of last month, shows higher favorability for GOP leaders than usual. More often than not, according to Baris, a “very favorable” rating from Republican voters regularly checks in at single digits.

To make matters worse, as Republican leaders justify the vitriol against them by constantly selling out to the liberal establishment, Liberals actually like and support the elected officials they choose because they feel represented, which gives Democrats a massive advantage at the polls while the Republicans are busy stabbing their voters in the back.

To Baris, it’s simple, you “can’t govern like this.” Especially if you ever want to get anything done.


Sellouts like McConnell, McCarthy, Cheney, and all the other RINOs are hated widely by the voters, and yet they keep winning elections. This is unacceptable.

One thing is clear, some major changes are needed, and it likely starts with the entire top half of the GOP establishment.


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