WATCH: Tucker Carlson Discusses Food Processing Plants Across the Country Catching Fire, Over a Dozen Factories Destroyed, Including Two THIS WEEK in Plane Crashes

With the cost of energy skyrocketing and record-breaking inflation, the Biden administration came out last month and warned the public about “food shortages” hitting the US.

Naturally, like with the ‘Putin price hike’, fingers were pointed at the war in Ukraine for causing the shortages.

Biden himself was even trotted out by his handlers, warning that the shortages in the US would be nothing short of “real.”

Joe Biden: Expect “Real” Food Shortages in Europe and the United States (VIDEO)

Well, something odd and concerning has been happening ever since the Biden Administration made their ominous prediction. Over the past month, there has been a mysterious wave of destruction hitting the US food processing infrastructure that has seen “over a dozen” food production facilities destroyed completely or rendered inoperable.

This week alone there were TWO – yes two – separate incidents where a plane crashed into food processing plants, one in Idaho on April 13th, and the other in Georgia on the 21st at the General Mills Processing Facility.

In addition to the plane crashes, there have been numerous other incidents this month, including several fires and a sudden boiler explosion. The timing of this string of disastrous events has many people wondering what in the heck is going on?

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The Gateway Pundit detailed this string of events on Friday:

China Billionaire Undermines US Food Supply – Shuts Down Pork Plants in Multiple States – But Beef Packers Not Affected for Some Strange Reason?

On Thursday, Tucker Carlson raised the issue on his nightly show with guest Jason Rantz. According to the pair, whether this is simply a coincidence or not, there have been enough incidents grouped tightly together where it should, at the least, be looked into.

Opening his segment with the breaking news about the plane crash at the General Mills Factory, Carlson provides some background on some of the dozen-plus incidents that have occurred over the past month:

“This is the second time in a week that something like this has happened. On April 14th a plane crashed into the Gemstate Processing in East Idaho. 

What’s going on here? Food processing plants all over the country seem to be catching fire. A couple of days ago, a fire destroyed the headquarters of Azure Standard – one of the largest organic food distributors in the country. At the end of last month, a fire severely damaged a fresh onion packing facility in South Texas. In Oregon, a potato chip processing plant reported a boiler explosion that sent workers to the hospital. 

So, industrial accidents happen, of course. But this is a lot of industrial accidents at food processing facilities at the same time the president is warning us about food shortages. They’re [US food processing plants] are getting hit by planes and catching fire. What is going on here exactly?”

Rantz, a prominent conservative voice and host of the Jason Rantz Show on Seattle talk radio, didn’t have much in the way of an explanation for the string of unfortunate events, but he did point out that the timing of it all is, at minimum, “suspicious.”

These disasters, at a time when we are already facing crippling issues in the supply chain and with inflation, could compound very quickly and become catastrophic, Rantz warned.

From Rantz:

“When you’ve got well over a dozen food processing plants and warehoused getting destroyed or seriously damaged – over just the last few weeks – at a time when the food supply is already vulnerable – it’s obviously suspicious, and it could lead to serious food shortages. That’s why some folks are wondering… what’s going on?

“Can I ask you to pause there really quick? I just want to nail this down for our viewers to understand – there have been, confirmed, over a dozen disabling accidents at food plants in the last month – over a dozen?” Carlson asked.

Rantz continued:

Absolutely, and we’re talking about some really significant plants – the Taylor Farms Facility in Salinas California was completely destroyed by a fire last week. We’ve had two major potato processing plants in Belfast Maine and Warden Washington that were completely gutted, which is happening at a time when we already have a potato shortage globally. 

You were talking about the onion supply at that Rio Fresh, but it’s not just produce plants. Last month there was a fire that took out a Nestle food plant out in Jonesborough, Arkansas – and that’s impacting frozen food brands like Hot Pockets or Stouffers, which maybe you might buy if you can’t get fresh food from a warehouse that just exploded. 

…there is a significant concern, of course, that this is going to impact the supply chain. Now, to be clear, the timing is very suspicious. It’s obviously concerning. Police are saying that these fires are due to faulty issues with equipment, so they’re not saying that this was intentional. Either way, it’s obviously going to have significant implications [for] us getting our food. 


Food shortages are seemingly right around the corner in the US… Welcome to Bidenzuela.

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