Philadelphia Toddler Dead After His Father Used Him As a Human Shield During Drug Deal Gone Bad

A three year old toddler in Philadelphia has died from injuries sustained after his father used him as a human shield when he was just 11 months old in 2019.

Yaseem Jenkins, 3, was shot four times — in the head, chest and lower body.

His father, Nafes Monroe, had Jenkins with him when he attempted to purchase drugs using counterfeit money.

A confrontation ensued with the dealer, Francisco Ortiz, who allegedly began shooting.

Monroe used his own baby to shield himself as the shots were fired.

“He was using counterfeit money to purchase drugs, knowing that counterfeit money is something that is very upsetting to drug dealers, and when they find out that they’re being burned with counterfeit money, they act violently. And this was not the first instance of Mr. Monroe using counterfeit money,” said Anthony Voci, from the district attorney’s office, in his 2019 report.

“It’s our belief and our investigation has led us to believe that he intentionally had his child with him when he was making such types of purchases with the idea or belief that if someone saw that he had a child in the car they would not fire upon him,” Voci added. “A human shield is probably the term that I would use.”

Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner said during a press conference that an autopsy has not yet been conducted, but that they believe the death was likely due to the injuries sustained during the shooting.

“We have reason to believe the cause of death is his original injury from the shooting,” Krasner said.

Following the original incident, Monroe was arrested and charged with recklessly endangering another person and endangering the welfare of a child, according to a report from CBS Philadelphia. Ortiz was charged with attempted murder.

“Ortiz is also connected to the 2019 deadly shooting of 2-year-old Nikolette Rivera. Police say the gun used to kill Rivera was given to the suspects in that case by Ortiz,” the CBS report noted.

If it is concluded that Jenkins’ death was the result of the shooting, both men could face additional charges — including murder.


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