OUTRAGEOUS: Creepy Evil Senator Schumer and His Brother Attempted Indicting President Trump Using Unheard of Actions – They Should Be Disbarred

Senator Chuck Schumer was always crooked.  Now he’s gone full-blown Marxist with his brother in attempting to indict President Trump on false charges in New York.  

President Trump shared in a statement this evening:

What the Fake News Media doesn’t tell you, and they are doing everything within their power to force prosecutors throughout the Country to do a terrible injustice to our Nation and its people, is that a low-life attorney named Mark Pomerantz, who is a “Never Trumper” and a Hillary Clinton sycophant (together with his wife), left a Never Trumper, Crooked Hillary law firm, Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison, with two young associates who were also Never Trumpers, in order to go into the District Attorney’s office to unjustly prosecute a man named Donald J. Trump, who also just happens to be the 45th President of the United States, and is leading in every poll to be the 47th. The Fake News also didn’t reveal the fact that this is virtually unprecedented for private lawyers to take an unpaid leave of absence from an opposing party law firm in order to prosecute anyone, let alone a former President. They also didn’t tell you that a principal leader of the firm is Robert Schumer, the brother of Chuck Schumer, that the firm is a Never Trumper firm and works for the Democrat Party, that for lawyers to go into the New York City’s District Attorney’s office to prosecute an opponent is unprecedented in NYC history because the District Attorney’s office has hundreds of lawyers already working there, and that a number of Assistant District Attorneys refused to work on the case because they felt I was being treated extremely unfairly, and that indeed, there was no case.

Can you imagine a Never Trumper Democrat-only law firm sending a Never Trumper law partner with two associates to the District Attorney’s office to prosecute their political opponent, Donald J. Trump, and the firm represents the Democrat Party, and is headed by Robert Schumer, Chuck Schumer’s brother, and many other Never Trumpers? What kind of Country are we living in?

Pomerantz apparently left his firm with Schumer’s brother to join corrupt District Attorney Cyrus Vance in attempting to indict President Trump on some made-up fabrications about the President’s finances.  CNN won’t mention this part.  CNN only mentions that Pomerantz and an associate resigned from the DA’s office after Cyrus Vance was removed and another DA brought in.

Pomerantz and Carey Dunne, two senior prosecutors on the team, resigned last month — one day after Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg informed them that he wasn’t prepared to move forward with criminal charges. The resignations followed weeks of internal debate and discussion over the strength of the evidence against Trump and whether it could pass the hurdle of proving a crime.
Trump has not been charged with a crime.
President Trump is right.  The media doesn’t share that the crooked Hillary and Schumer-related attorneys were inserted into Vance’s corrupt DA office in an attempt to align any crime with President Trump – anything.
Marxism and fascism don’t explain the actions of the crooks in the Democrat Party.  The higher up, the more crooked.
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