Newly Obtained Body Cam Footage Shows Clear View of Officers Violently Assaulting Rosanne Boyland Before Her Death As She Lay Unconscious on Jan. 6

Officer Lila Morris beating Trump supporters on Jan. 6. The police were later hailed heroes by the liberal media.

Newly obtained bodycam footage was released this week showing a never-before-seen angle of Capitol Police Officer Lila Morris violently beating an already unconscious Rosanne Boyland at the US Capitol on January 6, 2021.  The video was released by The Epoch Times on Friday.

In the video, Morris can be clearly seen using a large wooden stick to club Boyland three times, with blows landing on the head and body as she lay motionless on the ground. Despite countless bystanders screaming for her to stop her vicious assault, Morris continued until the wooden stick was jarred from her hand by a protester who intervened.

“Please stop pepper-spraying! Her lungs are full of it!” one protester screamed in horror.

“Please they’re trying to save somebody!” another yelled. “She’s gonna die! She’s gonna die!”

Ignoring all the frantic pleas to stop, the police can be seen charging ahead, swinging clubs, and pushing the crowd down the steps.

Part of the footage was released publicly by The Gateway Pundit back in February, but it was pixelated to protect Officer Lila Morris’s identity.  Now, the footage is untampered with, allowing for the full view of the assault.  The video is clipped together in a supercut showing the assault from beginning to end with the new footage added.

As reported back in July 2021, Trump supporter and activist Philip Anderson confirmed to Jim Hoft and The Gateway Pundit that Capitol Police killed Trump protester Rosanne Boyland on January 6, which the new footage all but confirms.

Anderson provided an amazing eyewitness report of what really happened in the crowd on 1/6 that has been ignored by the fake news media because it does not fit their narrative. A black Trump supporter was gassed with clouds of pepper spray, pushed down, and then nearly trampled to death as police officers continued to push Trump supporters on top of a pile of people outside the US Capitol.

In addition to the video showing the attack, the Epoch Times also released never before seen video of what happened when Boyland’s condition was taken seriously by CPD officers, who eventually *emphasis added* pulled Boyland out of the mob to administer medical assistance.  This was only after Trump supporters dragged her body away from the officers as they continued their assault on Boyland and the crowd.

Philip Anderson and Jake Lang who saved his life and dragged him to safety. Lang is currently in prison in Virginia.

Several J6 defendants were later arrested after they fought back against the police following Boyland’s death.

As the video shows, Officers later dragged Boyland into the outdoor corridor where they briefly worked on her before bringing her inside. After she is brought in, an officer can be heard asking if Boyland is dead while medics begin performing CPR and using the defibrillator; they worked for fifteen minutes before transferring her to an ambulance and she was pronounced dead at the hospital just over an hour later.

Watch the supercut here on EPOCH TV.

After releasing the footage, the Epoch times spoke with a legal expert who confirmed the officer should, without a doubt, be held criminally responsible for the merciless beating she gave Boyland.

From the Epoch Times:

Use-of-force expert Stanley Kephart, upon reviewing the previously unreleased footage, concluded that the three full-force blows by D.C. police officer Lila Morris constituted a felony assault with intent to cause great bodily harm.

Kephart called Morris’s use of force “indefensible” and the internal-affairs investigation of Boyland’s death a “clear and convincing coverup.”

“I think that the first thing that occurred is an assault under the color of authority by Morris,” Kephart told The Epoch Times. “That is a crime, an arrestable offense.”

The video concisely paints the entire picture of what happened, from beginning to end. Boyland was traced from the point she was standing happily in the tunnel to the moment she was sent to the ambulance and everything in between. It’s all on video, and all the evidence points to Capitol Hill Police aggression being at fault.

Despite all the evidence to the contrary, Capitol Police investigators ruled the beating of unconscious Trump supporter Rosanne Boyland by Capitol Police officers until she died was “objectively reasonable.”

In other words, this was at least the second murder the Capitol Police were given a pass for on 1/6.  Lt. Mike Byrd was exonerated after he shot Trump supporter Ashli Babbit in cold blood inside the US Capitol that day.  Investigators did not even interview Byrd before he was exonerated!

This is nothing short of injustice.

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