New York Times ‘Reporter’ Gets Duped by Satirical Post About Sneezing Flight Attendants Rejoicing About the End of Mask Mandates

A New York Times reporter was blasted online this week after the woke warrior got a little over-eager and fell for a clearly satirical, Jussie-Smollett-style tweet about the end of mask mandates on airplanes.

On Monday, Twitter user Jared Rabel mocked the hysterics that are typically seen from woke lunatics when political decisions don’t go their way. Rabel joked about a fictional incident on a flight from earlier in the day that left his son “in tears,” catching the attention of the outrage-peddlers at the NYT in the process.

“I boarded a plane today with my son and mid-flight, the pilot announces that the mask mandate is over. Flight attendants pulled off their masks and sneezed directly into their hands while screaming ‘this is MAGA airspace.’ My son turned to me in tears. I don’t know what to do.

The tweet was so popular, with people obviously realizing the humor, that Rabel followed up with another quip, again mocking the usual lib playbook in these types of scenarios:

“Wow so this blew up, cash app is in the bio for my son’s legal defense fun. We are suing for intentional infliction of emotional distress”

Following the obvious joke, Rabel was completely shocked to find that The New York Times was looking to interview him ASAP about his traumatizing experience.

Shortly after posting the story, Rabel was contacted by NYT ‘journalist’ Victoria Kim, who wanted to tell the world about his harrowing experience with the anti-masker MAGA meanie.

Kim messaged Rabel through Twitter:

“Hi Jared, I’m a New York Times journalist, I’d love to speak to you over the phone about what happened on your flight this evening. Can you please give me a call at [redacted] or let me know how I can reach you?”

Rabel absolutely roasted her with his response:

“Hello Victoria, I would love to discuss the incident at your earliest convenience,” Rabel wrote to Kim. “I was pretty upset about the whole thing. Unfortunately it’s satire that only someone at the NYT would believe.”

In my time of contemplation, I was wondering how your team deals with the multitude of false stories that you peddle out daily to use as political propaganda,”

First Taylor Lorenz doxxed the private citizen behind LibsofTikTok, and now this. ‘Professional’ journalists have been putting in overtime to set the bar at a new low this week.

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