“There is as Much a Plan to Win the Midterms as There Was to Airlift Afghans Out of Kabul”: Dems, Biden White House Have No Plan As Midterms Approach: WH Sources — Another Steal in the Works?


The ship is taking on water, and fast.

With the 2022 midterms on the horizon and their poll numbers falling like an asteroid, the Democrats and the Biden Administration are reportedly in full-blown-panic mode with no plan, at all, to right the ship.

According to the Washington Post, the current messaging strategy for the democrats has as much substance as Jen Psaki “circling back,” with the coherence of a typical Biden speech – zero and zero. It’s so bad, that the Dems apparently can’t even begin to come up with a plan to dig them out of the hole Biden, and their destructive policies, have put them in.

At this point, “there is no finalized, comprehensive strategy,” according to numerous White House sources who spoke to WaPo. So, for now, the playbook seems to be to prop Biden up on the podium and cross your fingers.

From the Washington Post:

“As an anxious Democratic Party hurtles toward the midterm elections led by a president whose approval ratings have dropped precipitously, Biden is beginning to put the pieces together for an aggressive campaign to help limit Democratic losses in November.

But it’s an effort some in the party say is long overdue, and despite Biden’s ramped-up efforts, there is no finalized, comprehensive strategy for the midterms inside the White House. There’s no overarching document that outlines the president’s involvement in key races, nor a set message that will carry the party through November, according to multiple people familiar with the situation who spoke on the condition of anonymity to talk candidly.”

One staffer who spoke freely on the condition of anonymity absolutely blasted the current state of the Democrat’s messaging strategy as they prepare for November’s election, comparing the situation to Biden’s disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal.

From WaPo:

“‘There is as much a plan to win the midterms as there was to airlift Afghans out of Kabul,’ said one Democratic political adviser who remains close to the White House. ‘They’re putting us all in a bad place.’ The adviser, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to speak candidly about the party’s prospects, was referring to the chaotic, deadly withdrawal of U.S. forces from Afghanistan last summer.

The adviser said the White House’s top-down political decision-making process is often impeded by bottlenecks, which hinder coordination with party committees, state parties, advocacy groups and donors. Information reaches stakeholders at the last minute, the adviser said, which results in resources being wasted or misdirected.”


As for Biden, he acknowledged that his message is not resonating with voters in comments late last week, and even admitted that he would be focusing on campaigning across the country instead of doing his job and fixing the crisis he and his policies have created.

Yes, really.

WaPo continued:

Even the president has acknowledged he is struggling to convey to voters what his administration has accomplished, including a covid relief package, an infrastructure bill, and creating millions of jobs.

“I admit to you, what I haven’t done — and the reason I’m getting out on the road again instead of dealing with the day-to-day emergencies in my office — is making the case of what we’ve done,” Biden said Thursday at a Democratic fundraiser in Portland, Ore.

Unfortunately for Biden and the Dems, he struggles to get more than a dozen people to show up to his incoherent speeches. There are often more protesters than attendees at Biden events. So, if this is the best plan they have, the expected red wave in November might be bigger than originally thought.

That is, of course, if we have a fair election. Although, with the current state of the polls and reports like this, it’ll be nearly impossible to believe if there is anything but a mass shakeup in favor of Republicans come November. So, if there is any rigging, it should be even more obvious than it was in 2020.


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