Michelle Obama’s Brother Files Lawsuit Against Milwaukee School Claiming ‘Racial Bias’

Michelle Obama’s brother and his wife have filed a lawsuit against a Milwaukee private school claiming that they were subjected to “racial bias” and “offensive classroom assignments.”

Craig and Kelly Robinson are suing the private University School of Milwaukee (USM) for allegedly expelling their 9 and 11-year-old sons last year after they had made a verbal complaint and submitted two bias incident reports claiming that the boys were being subjected to racial bias.

According to the lawsuit, some of their worksheets contained content that “was offensive to persons of color, persons with disabilities, indigenous Americans, and other underrepresented students.”

The lawsuit claims that the school acknowledged their complaints, but took no action.

The boys had been going to the school since 2016.

In the letter saying that they were being kicked out, the school said that the Robinsons “had violated the School’s Common Trust and had not fulfilled their commitments as partners with USM.” It also said that they had engaged in “disrespectful” conversations about staff and teachers.

“While a part of this broader pattern of wrongful conduct, the School’s treatment of the Robinson children was targeted directly at them, notwithstanding their model behavior, and therefore was particularly egregious and harmful,” the lawsuit says. “Defendant’s unprecedented and Draconian action to remove two minor children of color from their school at impressionable ages, was traumatizing.”

“It just seems to be unfair that they retaliated against a 9- and 11-year-old for something we brought up to help the school,” Craig Robinson told NBC affiliate WTMJ of Milwaukee.


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