“They’re Liars. They’re Horrible People” – Sarah Palin on Leaders of Biden’s Ministry of Truth

Sarah Palin was on Newsmax where she said the group leading the Biden/Obama’s Ministry of (Mis)Information were what they are – liars.

Former GOP Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin covered a variety of hot political topics on Newsmax Friday, namely the White House’s new “misinformation” board, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, and Vice President Kamala Harris.

During her appearance on “Eric Bolling: The Balance,” Palin told host Eric Bolling that no one in the Biden administration — or anywhere else, for that matter — should be in charge of deciding what qualifies as good or bad free speech in America.

“These folks are going to be the arbiters of truth? And yet, they’re liars. They’re horrible people,” said Palin, an ardent supporter of the “America First” agenda. “And I got clobbered for that when I said it [previously] on your show — even by some conservatives, who say I shouldn’t call names.

Here is Palin talking about the horrible liars at Biden/Obama’s ministry of truth.

Palin also addressed Biden and Harris who we all know are ‘puppets’ of someone – Obama, China, Soros?

Sarah Palin is honest and America agrees with her.  This is why we liked her so much when she came on the scene in the 2008 Election.  She destroyed Biden in their only debate with her honesty and courage.  Biden however looked like he was drunk.

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