Illinois House Bill Will Order Gas Stations to Post Pritzker Propaganda Sign in Window that Is a Complete Lie or Face $500 Fine per Day

Why are all Democrats fascists and tyrants?

Illinois Governor Pritzker, who is well known for his COVID hypocrisy and brutal restrictions.,   Now the totalitarian governor is trying to pass a measure that requires gas stations to post a sign that states that Pritzker has suspended an increase of the gas tax.

Gas stations would be fined $500 a day if they do not cooperate. This is nothing more than campaign fraud during an election year.

This is not only unconstitutional but it is completely false.  Pritzker and lawmakers doubled the state gas tax from 19 cents to 38 cents a gallon back in 2019.  There are automatic bake-in tax increases included in that law.  Pritzker announced earlier that he is delaying the next automatic tax increase on the gas tax that he already doubled.  This is how Democrats roll today.  They know they can say anything because the mainstream media will always promote their lies.

Illinois Policy Org reported:

A new measure would require gas stations to post a sign reminding customers the automatic gas tax hike is delayed. Retailers without the sign would be fined $500 per day, but they are pushing back against what amounts to a political ad.

Illinois lawmakers are considering forcing gas stations to post a 4-inch by 8-inch, boldly lettered sign on gas pumps highlighting Gov. J.B. Pritzker’s temporary suspension of the upcoming automatic gas tax hike.

Failing to comply would come with $500-a-day fines.

Nope, says Josh Sharp of the Illinois Fuel and Retail Association.

“This industry won’t be forced into offering free election year advertising for the Governor. Ordering businesses to take part in speech that is compelled by the government under the threat of fines and criminal penalties is unwise and unconstitutional,” said Sharp, who threatened a lawsuit unless the language is removed.

The gas pump signs are part of an amendment to House Bill 1497, which contains state lawmakers’ budget proposals and Pritzker’s temporary tax cuts. Pritzker is pushing a six-month delay in the automatic state gas tax increase – a measure passed in 2019 when Pritzker and lawmakers doubled the state gas tax from 19 cents to 38 cents a gallon and included automatic annual increases so lawmakers would no longer be forced to take public votes on the unpopular tax hikes.

Suspending the penny increase has been roundly criticized as an election-year gimmick that offers no real relief.

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