Georgia Gang Member Accused of Shooting Cop Six Times Granted Bond

A Georgia gang member who is accused of shooting an Atlanta police officer six times has been granted bond.

The District Attorney has stepped in to prevent his release, despite the court’s ruling.

Christian Eppinger, 22, was originally denied bond, but a new ruling would allow him to be freed.

Eppinger repeatedly shot Officer David Rodgers as he was serving an arrest warrant outside Colonial Square Apartments in Atlanta on Monday, according to law enforcement.

Fortunately, Officer Rodgers survived the shooting.

Fox News reports, “the suspect was denied bond immediately after the shooting, but a new ruling on Tuesday reversed that decision. Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis hosted a press conference Wednesday with Police Chief Rodney Bryant to address the bond agreement. Willis stated that despite the judge’s decision, Eppinger wouldn’t be released from jail.”

“It is the position of the state that that individual should not have been given bond, based on his history – based on where he was in the process here at Fulton County,” District Attorney Fani Willis said during a press conference on Wednesday. “And so, it is something that has upset my law enforcement partners, and me as the district attorney.”

“Eppinger has a long history of violence in our community,” she said.

Willis added that Eppinger has repeatedly been given lenient sentencing for other convictions.

The District Attorney said that due to Eppinger’s history of violating probation he will not be released, despite the judge’s ruling.

“Mr. Eppinger is not getting out of jail. There is a hold on him from the Fulton County jail as a result of [his parole infractions.] So he is not getting out of jail,” Willis said.

Willis concluded, “We want to make sure that, in my lifetime, he never sees society again.”



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