Far-Left Idiots Freak Out as Their Bots Jump Ship After Musk Buys Twitter

Soon after it was announced that Elon Musk purchased Twitter far-left users of Twitter saw their accounts begin to diminish and they freaked. 

The announcement of Elon Musk includes many exciting happenings.   Many of these weren’t imaginable one day ago.  For one the left went crazy knowing that they will be destroyed by conservatives in policy arguments and smarts once Musk takes over.

THE MELTDOWN IS GLORIOUS: Democrats, Thugs and Fascists React to Elon Musk Purchase of Twitter with Predictable Fury

But another reaction by the left is watching them freak because the number of followers on their accounts is decreasing by the thousands. Perhaps these bots are getting out now before Musk takes over as he has mentioned getting rid of these fake accounts.

David Hogg (the anti-gun activist) tweeted:

Neera Tanden reported the same.

Mark Hamill from Star Wars fame reported the same loss of followers.

BTW – A couple of days ago Hamill reported getting a COVID booster shot showing off his tiny shoulder – it was the size of a child’s.

And another…

(from the Midnight Rider Channel)

The left is freaking out as the bots bail on Twitter.  Better to get out now before the bot purge occurs.  The left never had the followers they thought they did.  It was another far-left lie. 

What will the real number of followers be when conservatives are allowed back at the table and bots are gone and free speech from the Constitution is back in force?

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