DISHONEST MEDIA LIED About Trump Supporters Not Showing Up for His Rallies… The Night Before the Rally, I Traveled to The Venue To Discover The Truth [VIDEO]

The media will never give up on their insatiable desire to destroy Donald J. Trump for having the courage to take on the formerly untouchable DC Swamp and for exposing the truth about the mainstream media at the same time.

Last week, Greg Bluestein, a “journalist” for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and an NBC News contributor, tweeted about President Trump’s rally in Commerce, GA, on March 26. Using a common strategy employed by the dishonest media, Bluestein showed images of empty seats inside the venue, as Trump supporters were waiting patiently in line before entering the rally.

In his tweet, Bluestein showed an image of a section of seats at the rally that had not yet been filled and wrote:

I’ve covered more than two dozen Trump rallies around the nation. This is the smallest crowd I’ve seen at a rally of his in Georgia since he won the 2016 election — significantly smaller than the crowd in Perry in September.

I’ve been to over a dozen Trump rallies, and it always amazes me how patient Trump supporters are as they wait in line for hours, sometimes for over 24 hours, before they finally get to the area where US Secret Service agents meticulously comb the contents of each purse and the pockets of thousands of guests. Of course, this type of enthusiasm for a political figure isn’t something leftist journalists or Democrats can relate to, especially after watching Joe Biden struggling to fill a phone booth with supporters in 2020.

Getting inside the venue of a Trump rally is a long and arduous process, but his supporters don’t seem to mind, considering so many of them have attended multiple Trump rallies.

On Friday night, in advance of President Trump’s rally, I drove to the venue to report the truth about the level of enthusiasm for his Washington Twp. rally on Saturday. As I drove my vehicle down a dirt road filled with large jagged rocks in a farm field leading to the venue, it was late in the evening. I was stunned to see over 50 vehicles parked several hundred yards away from the venue. As I got closer, I noticed a large group of people standing outside wearing several layers of clothes as they gathered around tables filled with food. It was 32 degrees, and the wind made it feel like it was below zero, but I wanted to see for myself if what the media was saying about Trump supporters losing enthusiasm for President Trump was true. What I found was just the opposite.


After hanging out by the pot-luck table for a while with Trump supporters from across America, I knocked on the door of an RV and asked to come inside. The group of avid Trump supporters welcomed me inside and were gracious enough to allow me to interview them. When I explained to them that I would only ask where they lived and how many Trump rallies they’ve attended, I never expected to learn the group had literally traveled from every corner of America to be there.

Watch the interview here. I’ve broken it into two separate clips:

MI GOP Chair Meshawn Maddock posted this video on Twitter showing the incredible line of Trump supporters before the doors to the rally were opened.

Fortunately, Dan Scavino was able to take a quick video of the reception President Trump got as his motorcade entered the rally. The doors to the rally closed at 3 pm, so the people standing outside waiting for Trump to arrive were just some of his supporters who didn’t make it inside the indoor soccer facility where the rally was being held.

Here’s a look at the crowd outside waiting to get inside 7 hours before the rally:

Outside of the rally, traffic was lined up for several miles, hoping to make it into the parking lot and then trek through the farm field where they would wait in line for several hours in freezing cold temperatures.



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