DeSantis To Tucker: “I Stand Against A Lot Of Media — And A Lot Of Big Corporations” (VIDEO)


Florida Governor Ron DeSantis dealt a massive blow to Disney by signing a bill that gets rid of the massive special privileges Disney enjoys in Florida.

Epoch Times reported: 

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis on Friday signed a legislature-passed bill to dissolve Walt Disney World’s self-governing status in central Florida.

The law would eliminate the 55-year-old Reedy Creek Improvement District and several similar districts by June 2023. The measure allows those districts to be reestablished under circumstances.

It could have significant tax implications for Disney, which operates a series of theme parks in its 25,000-acre district.

DeSantis joined Tucker Carlson Tonight to discuss the ongoing battle with Disney.

DeSantis said that Disney expected Florida to bow to them and not sign the Parental Rights in Education Bill – Florida Republicans stood firm.

“So their hope was getting Disney involved in that would somehow get me to back down from signing the bill. Well, that was bad judgment on their part because of course we weren’t going to back down an inch.”


DeSantis also pointed out how the media and big corporations have lined up against him:

“You have the media class, you have the Twitter class, you have some of these people — and that’s a distorted view of reality. 

You actually need to talk to people who aren’t always on those outlets and listen to what they have to say and I can tell you they do not want this woke garbage in our society. They don’t want women to be denied the opportunity to participate in sports. They don’t want to see their kids go to kindergarten and have this stuff jammed down their throats.

I just stand with the people…I stand against a lot of media and a lot of big corporations — but at the end of the day we have the facts and the strength in numbers on our side.”

DeSantis is standing up for everyday Americans!

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