Deputy AG Lisa Monaco – In on Obama’s Secret Russia Meetings in 2016 in White House – Caught Using a Pseudonymous Email Likely Against the Law

The DOJ’s Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco was caught using a pseudonymous email while in office.  This comes as no surprise since Monaco was part of Obama’s secret team that met in the White House basement in 2016 to discuss Trump-Russia collusion sham. 

The Daily Caller reported today that Deputy AG Lisa Monaco has been using a pseudonymous email while in her current role.  This is illegal.

Deputy Attorney General Lisa O. Monaco’s alleged use of a “pseudonymous email account” may be breaking “clearly applicable laws,” a lawyer responsible for uncovering Obama EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson’s false identity told the Daily Caller on Monday.

Monaco, confirmed by the Senate in April 2021 with bipartisan support, holds the Justice Department’s (DOJ) number two gig and in part focuses on the DOJ’s Jan. 6 riot investigation.

Buried in an early-Monday morning New York Times article about Attorney General Merrick B. Garland was a revelation about how Monaco conducted business – and Washington, D.C., lawyer Chris Horner says it raises questions similar to those asked when he learned Jackson used “alias” email accounts.

Does this really come as any surprise?  Monaco is involved in the Jan 6 indictments which are the most egregious actions taken by the DOJ against innocent Americans in decades, if not ever.  Monaco is also famous for being a member of Obama’s team in 2016 that met in the basement behind closed doors to talk about the Trump-Russia collusion scam.

We reported on the secret Obama meetings in June of 2018.  These meetings were attended by various Obama lackeys per Yahoo.

For the usual interagency sessions, principals and deputies could bring staffers. Not this time. “There were no plus ones,” an attendee recalled. When the subject of a principals or deputies meeting was a national security matter, the gathering was often held in the Situation Room of the White House. The in‑house video feed of the Sit Room — without audio — would be available to national security officials at the White House and elsewhere, and these officials could at least see that a meeting was in progress and who was attending. For the meetings related to the Russian hack, Susan Rice, Obama’s national security adviser, ordered the video feed turned off. She did not want others in the national security establishment to know what was under way, fearing leaks from within the bureaucracy.

Rice would chair the principals’ meetings — which brought together Brennan; Comey; Kerry; Director of National Intelligence James Clapper; Defense Secretary Ash Carter; Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson; Treasury Secretary Jack Lew; Attorney General Loretta Lynch; and Gen. Joseph Dunford, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff — with only a few other White House officials present, including White House chief of staff Denis McDonough; homeland security adviser Lisa Monaco, and Colin Kahl, Vice President Joe Biden’s national security adviser. (Kahl had to insist to Rice that he be allowed to attend so that Biden could be fully briefed.)

John Kerry and Tony Blinken from the State Department were also present but not the country’s National Security Director at that time, General Mike Rogers, who could not be trusted to push the Trump Russia lie.  See more on this below.

Obama Held ‘Russia Meetings’ in the White House and Invited John Kerry but Not NSA’s Honorable Admiral Rogers

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