Democrat NYC Mayor Admits Progressive Politics Play a Role in Increased Crime (VIDEO)

Democrat New York City Mayor Eric Adams has admitted that progressive politics are playing a role in rising crime in US cities.

Adams made the admission during an appearance on ABC’s “This Week” on Sunday.

Speaking to Bloomberg Businessweek’s podcast on Thursday, former NYPD commissioner William Bratton said that growing crime is a result of the left going too far to protect criminals from facing justice.

“The scales right now are tipped very heavily in favor of the reforms of the progressive left. Well intended, some needed, but a bit too far, and what we have as a result is this growing fear of crime, this growing actual amount of crime in almost every American city,” Bratton said.

Asked about Bratton’s comments, Adams said that they need to stop allowing criminals to remain on the streets — a product of leftist jail and bail reform policies.

“Major mistakes made throughout the years that destroyed the trust that the police commissioner is talking about — we have to rebuild that trust,” Adams said. “But we can’t rebuild that trust by allowing those who are dangerous and that have — they have a repeated history of violence to continue to be on our streets.”

New York City Police Commissioner Keechant Sewell, who was also on the program, added, “we cannot lose sight of the victims of crime. We believe the system has to be fair and balanced, but when we lose sight of the victims of crime, we are not doing what public safety is intended to do.”



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