Crooked Raffensperger Certified the Stolen 2020 Election, Now He’s Unilaterally Hired Salesforce, Headed by WEF Board Trustee, to Run GA’s Voter Rolls Going Forward

Georgia’s corrupt Secretary of State who was involved in the theft of the 2020 Election is now working on stealing all future elections in the state.  

The people in Georgia voted for President Trump in the millions.  Unfortunately, the RINO Secretary of State, Brad Raffensperger, did all he could to help steal the 2020 election, finally squeezing out a 10,000 vote margin for Joe Biden, after days of manufacturing votes after Election Day.

Now Raffensperger is working on stealing the 2022 election from Georgia and all future elections.

How ignorant or corrupt is the Republican Party in Georgia to allow this to happen?  VoterGA’s Garland Favorito shared this:

This makes no technical sense, and it makes no business sense. So then you have to start asking, what sense does it make. The only thing I can think that’s left is that the Georgia Secretary of State has been compromised….. It’s time for the Governor and Attorney General to step up. It’s time for the legislature to ban this”.

Salesforce was one company corrupt Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi recently invested in.  This corrupt practice of politicians using insider information to purchase and sell stocks is something the average investor would get arrested for.

Pelosi Buys Millions in Call Options in Google, Disney, Salesforce , Roblox Days After Insisting Members of Congress Should be Allowed to Trade Stocks

Salesforce is run by a Board Trustee of the World Economic Forum, Marc Benioff.  He has a record of far-left actions, including threatening to move his company from Texas over its stringent abortion laws.

Voter GA reported on Raffensperger’s actions to hire Salesforce.  He hired Salesforce based on a no-bid contract, using a “sole source vendor” argument.  The only way you are supposed to be able to use this process to award a government contract is to show that the vendor is the only company capable of fulfilling the contract.  However, we can’t find information that Salesforce has ever managed a database like this before.  There also are multiple companies that can manage a state’s voter registration roll as we have extensively reported on.

Georgia SOS Brad Raffensperger Secretly Hired to Manage Voter Rolls on the Cloud – Lawmakers Must Speak Out and Resist This Dangerous Move!

We learned in the stolen 2020 election that those states that stole the election from President Trump needed inflated voter rolls in order to manufacture votes.  This move by Raffensperger may be his most corrupt action yet.

The people and politicians in Georgia need to stand up to Raffensperger before all future elections are stolen too.

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