Clown Show: Biden’s Easter Bunny Handler ‘Takes Over’ White House Press Briefing (Video)

Easter Bunny and Jen Psaki at WH press briefing 4/18/2022 – Screenshot YouTube

Like administrations before them, the Biden White House brought out the Easter Bunny to the presser today following the Easter Egg hunt earlier today.

Rabbit to the Rescue: Easter Bunny Retrieves Biden as He Wanders Off to Talk to Some Children – Then Blocks Press from Asking Biden Questions (VIDEO)

Unfortunately for Jen, the theatrics did little to quell the harsh questions from reporters like Fox News’ Peter Doocey, who grilled Psaki over Biden’s handling (or lack thereof) of the Southern Border after it was revealed that Border Patrol encountered nearly two dozen members of the terror watch list attempting to cross into the US undetected over the past year.

Something she, predictably, had little in the way of an answer for.


After opening the press conference, the Easter Bunny was promptly shooed off stage by WH Press Secretary Jen Psaki, who joked “enough of the Bunny business.”

After four years of libs crying about Trump ‘failing to uphold the dignity of the Oval Office, at least now they can rejoice because the “adults are back in charge,” per CNN.

What a joke.


Keep in mind, Biden has only been at the helm for just over a year and we are literally at the point where he is being paraded around by handlers cosplaying as furries. How much further can the dignity of the presidency fall than this guy?


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