Chuck Todd Upset That Voters Don’t Care About Jan 6th

Chuck Todd knows a red wave is coming.

On his “Meet the Press Daily” program Todd was forced to admit that voters don’t really care much about January 6th – the panelists echoed this sentiment.

Partial Transcript from Red State:

TODD: The irony, Eugene, here is I don’t know if this matters on the campaign trail – at all.

EUGENE SCOTT [THE WASHINGTON POST NATIONAL POLITICAL REPORTER]: Oh, it absolutely doesn’t. Yeah, [Republican Congressman] Glenn Grothman from Wisconsin told The Washington Post, “Nobody cares about January 6th except for the press.” He literally said that. And so as long as voters are not going to hold these lawmakers accountable for this, they don’t have anything to worry about.

TODD: I think I’ve seen – I have probably watched a thousand television ads this cycle, I think I’ve seen two on January 6th, Audrey. I mean, that is something. And even Kevin McCarthy, he’s not yet – he hasn’t – what the right has done with Nancy Pelosi, the left has not done with Kevin McCarthy, have they?

AUDREY FAHLBERG [REPORTER, THE DISPATCH]: I think that right now the Republicans are really trying to express that their voters care about inflation, the border, things like that. I mean, focusing on January 6th is simply not something that they care about. They always change the topic of conversation when I ask them about this, either in public or in private. So I think that it’s gonna continue to be like that leading up to the midterms.

TODD: And sadly […] even though what would be right for the history books, what would be right for this investigation, there is no upside for Kevin McCarthy to voluntarily participate in the January 6th investigation, is there?

Todd isn’t the only liberal who has come to this realization.

Democratic strategist James Carville has said that voters don’t care about January 6th — he also said the Democratic party should instead focus on running on improving people’s lives.

Breitbart reported:

Democratic strategist James Carville said Thursday on CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360” that the House Select Committee investigating the riot at the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021 would not influence voters in the 2022 midterms.

Guest host John Berman said, “If you were advising Democrats running in the midterms, what would you tell them to do with Donald Trump? Is it something they should focus on? How much of a deal do you think the January 6 select committee will be?”

Carville said, “We have to wait and see when the committee comes out. I suspect their findings will be intriguing and devastating. But people are going to know by then. People want an election about their lives. They don’t want an election about a former president. They don’t want an election about any of this. If you show them substantial policies that improve people’s lives and you run on that like we did in 2018, you will be successful.”

A recent poll found that the GOP is leading the generic ballot by 10 points — devastating for Democrats. 

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