Biden’s Actions Are Having a Dreadful Impact on the Price of Food and the Worst Is Yet to Come

Biden’s actions are destroying the US economy and based on recent actions the price of food is expected to dramatically increase in the near future. 

Biden’s actions have been dreadful for the average American.  The price of food seemingly has doubled over the past year.  This and the price of gas are impacting many Americans already on tight budgets since COVID.

Food Price Index Hits All-Time High in February — Up 24% From One Year Ago — And It’s Going Higher

The Washington Examiner now reports that farm prices are rising which will increase the price of food even more:

For just the third time in recorded history, farmers will be planting more soybeans than corn as they grapple with the rising cost of fertilizer — a cost that will almost certainly be passed on to consumers.

Russia previously accounted for 15% of U.S. fertilizer imports.

“We have heard that some farmers have balked at buying at the high prices and have not filled their needs, hoping prices will go down,” Nebraska farmer John Dittrich, who grows both corn and soybeans, told MarketWatch.

Prices for some types of fertilizer cost a record $1,520 per ton, an increase of 127% this year. Corn is up 4%, at nearly $7.67 per bushel. As a result, 4 million fewer acres of corn will be planted, while soybean crops will increase by the same amount, MarketWatch reported.

Soybeans put nitrogen back into the ground rather than extract it, so they only need a small amount of fertilizer when compared to corn. Previously, the average farmer used 255 pounds of fertilizer for corn, compared to 65 pounds for soybeans, Bloomberg reported.

In addition to this, the cost of gasoline has soared.  This is due to Biden’s policy of destroying the US energy industry and importing oil from countries like Russia, Iran and Venezuela.  It’s gotten so bad that in some areas people are reporting their gas being stolen.

Thanks to Joe Biden’s “Astronomical” Gas Prices – Gas Thefts Are Becoming Alarmingly Common in Several States (VIDEO)

The average family in America is in a pinch.  This is all due to Joe Biden’s insane policies that all go against America.  The price of seemingly everything is going up and it looks like it may get worse.

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