14-Year-Old Girl Armed With Steak Knives Thwarts Home Invasion By Career Criminal With 140 Prior Arraignments

A 14-year-old girl in Massachusetts awoke to the sound of a 58-year-old man burglarizing her home when she sprang into action, armed herself, and chased the man from her home while recording his license plate number.

The intruder, identified by Middleborough Police as Joseph Ridge, has an incredibly long rap sheet with over 140 arraignments since 1980 and “a history of violence” according to CBS Boston. Considering how obvious it is that this man will never be rehabilitated by the corrections system, his latest crime only underscores how criminal justice has been irreparably broken by the radical progressive left.

Ridge has been charged with aggravated breaking and entering during the daytime, trespassing, and disorderly conduct, but the local police department confirmed that he was already out on bail when he attempted to commit this crime. Now, here’s the kicker: Ridge is still eligible for bail according to the judge that presided over his arraignment Friday. If he can come up with the $200,000, he could very well be found breaking victimizing another law-abiding resident and notch a few more arraignments on his belt.

The girl, who has also been identified, is an honor roll student at Middleborough High School, whose mother was surprised she had such tenacity in her: “I really didn’t realize that he had it in her to stay so calm under fire,” she told CBS. “[She] grabbed two kitchen steak knives and she went back and stood outside the door screaming at him, ‘Get out of my house. Get out of my house. You don’t belong here.'”

“I would like to commend the courageous actions of this girl. Even in the midst of an extremely scary event, her bravery assisted us in identifying the man believed to be responsible for breaking into her home,” said Middleborough Police Chief Joseph Perkins. “The suspect in this case is a career criminal who was arrested after terrorizing a 14-year-old girl in her own home. Hopefully his arrest this time will bring this known felon to account for his crimes.”

Not only did the young teen bravely confront the intruder, but she also managed to collect evidence that led to his subsequent arrest. In a 911 call released by the police she said, “I got him out of the house. I scared him. I took a video of his truck leaving so I have his license plate number.”


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