WWIII Trial Balloon: Chairman of Democrat Supporting Veterans Group VoteVets Says Biden Getting US Troops Involved in War in Europe Over Ukraine “Probably Inevitable”

Jon Soltz, the chairman of the Democrat supporting war on terror veterans group VoteVets said on Saturday he believes that U.S. involvement in the Russia-Ukraine war is “probably inevitable”. VoteVets supported Joe Biden in 2020 and praised Biden’s retreat from Afghanistan in 2021.

Founded in 2006 during the Iraq war, VoteVets is known as a progressive “dark money” group (via Blue Tent)

VoteVets.org Action Fund The group’s primary goal is getting veterans elected to office, but it’s actually been one of the left’s top election spenders in past cycles. A 501(c)(4) group, VoteVets Action Fund does not disclose its donors, but reported spending $1.7 million on broadcast ads to support Democrats and oppose Republicans in a handful of congressional races—including more than $1 million spent in opposition to Arizona Sen. Martha McSally, who lost her race. Its affiliated hybrid Super PAC spent just under $26 million on independent expenditures, most of it on broadcast ads.

Soltz posted a Twitter thread on Saturday floating a trial balloon about U.S. troops going to war in Europe over Ukraine.

The American public must accept the fact that US troops at war in Europe is probably inevitable. The war has started and like many wars the U.S. has fought: we enter late. World War II started when Poland was invaded in 1939, not when Pearl Harbor was attacked in 1941…I don’t see how the United States doesn’t get pulled in. Putin’s objective now is massive destruction to achieve a victory in the eyes of Russians. The devastation will be too much for Europe and the United States to ingore (sic), even if we don’t realize that yet…It’s not the situation any of us want. It’s just an observation the is moving in one direction. It’s not even a pro-war tweet, it’s an observation…For the non military here (which seems to be a huge amount) Troops is a term we use that includes any of the Army, Air Force, Marines or Navy. Troops can come in any form. Soldiers are only Army…US Troops at war is simply the establishment of a “no fly zone” Or any type of kinetic action in response to Biden’s redline speech this week.




Pray for peace.

UPDATE: Soltz doing damage control, “I took down a thread that observed where I thought the war in Ukraine may be going, because it was misunderstood as advocacy. It wasn’t meant to be.”

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