Wisconsin Election Audit Results: Email Contents by State Officials and Leftist Activists Are Truly Stunning — Even for Democrats

The recent report by the Wisconsin Special Counsel investigating  2020 election fraud has some alarming email communications. This is their “Second Interim Report” provided on March 1, 2022. A young NY lawyer named Michael Spitzer-Rubenstein representing the National Vote at Home Institute was behind much of the shenanigans in Wisconsin. Luckily for investigators, some of what Rubenstein discussed with city officials was sent in emails. We can only hope investigators are acquiring text and other communications from these elected officials.

In the below, the lawyer from NY is asking for details on how Milwaukee fixes damaged ballots. “Ballot reconstruction” is al known as “adjudication” in other States. The Milwaukee Election Commission offered this explanation about the reconstruction: “Absentee ballots have to be reconstructed due to voter error or damage to the ballot. Ask yourself this: If you are running a legitimate “Get out the Vote” campaign, why would even need this info.

In the below image, the NY lawyer wants to record the process that is used to export voter data out of the WisVote voter registration system. This would show outsiders the exact steps needed to get the gold – the real time voter data. This is “Clerk Level” access, the highest of the 4 levels that WEC provides. Outsiders would only then need a user login and FIDO a key which could be easily obtained from the many complicit Democrats running WI elections.

In fact, WEC provided a massive number of FIDO keys to Milwaukee. There was an unusually large percentage programmed for “Clerk Level” access. In most other WI cities they need mostly data entry keys. See chart below. These Clerk level keys literally the “keys to the kingdom”. With this access you can create new registrations, export all voter data, activate old registrations (with 2 clicks), view who has returned ballots, and much more.

As election day arrives the window closes to get additional voters to the polls. The below request for data would be used to determine how many people did not vote in specific wards. This is exactly the data you would need to determine how many fake ballots can be dumped into the system. As GP has reported in the past, Census data has been used to calculate the maximum amount of ballots that can be extracted from a district, precinct, or ward without creating red flags that might trigger an audit.

If you’re going to stuff the election with ballots you need to make sure you don’t add more ballots then people who actually live in that precinct, ward, and so on. Fraudsters need to know that maximum number of ballots without exceeding 100% (ballots received vs voting age residents). The NY lawyer also complains the census data process is “far to slow”. Why is speed so important? As election day ends you only have a few hours to manipulate the registrations, ballots, and their delivery. It certainly helps if they stop counting for a several hours too!

It should be noted that the Milwaukee Elections Director Claire Woodall-Vogg did send an email back to the NY lawyer denying his request to record the Clerk access. Only further investigations by the Special Counsel will determine if this email was in fact just a written smoke screen. She also admits to current hacking attempts of the voter reg system. These communications clearly show the Zuckerberg money provided to these cities had nothing to do with Covid. In fact, the WI Special Counsel could not find one individual from CTCL, CEIR, Vote at Home, or any of the other organizations who had any medical background.

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