The Way To Win: DeSantis Promises To Veto Florida’s Dem-Favored Congressional Map

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) is showing the GOP how to fight.

DeSantis promised to veto the recently approved congressional map which favored Democrats ahead of the 2022 midterm elections.

Newsweek reported:

Governor Ron DeSantis’ promise to veto a new, recently approved congressional map might cause trouble for Florida Democrats in the upcoming midterm elections, according to experts.

In an already demanding midterm election year, the Democratic party now faces the fight against a Republican-majority congressional map, submitted in January by DeSantis, that would break up U.S. Representative Al Lawson’s district, one of the two historically Black districts in the state.

The House plans to vote on the congressional maps on Friday, and DeSantis has already proposed his plan to veto the decision. He called out the redistricting plans for being unconstitutional, condemning the Senate plans for racial gerrymandering. On Friday, DeSantis tweeted, “I will veto the congressional reapportionment plan currently being debated by the House. DOA.”

Democrats have used the redistricting process in states across the country to draw maps that would stop them from losing — even if the GOP has a huge 2022 midterm.

According to Politico’s 2022 redistricting tracker, the maps in California, Illinois, Maryland, New York, North Carolina, New Mexico, New York, and Oregon all give Democrats an advantage heading into 2022.

President Donald Trump blasted the redistricting job done by Republicans, saying, “Republicans are getting absolutely creamed with the phony redistricting going on all over the country.”

The New York Post reported:

Former President Donald Trump scorched Democrats’ aggressive redistricting efforts in New York and across the nation in a furious Saturday statement to supporters.

“Republicans are getting absolutely creamed with the phony redistricting going on all over the Country,” he emailed through his Save America PAC.

“We were expecting to do well in New York and now, we’ll lose 4 seats,” he griped — referring to the state’s new congressional map that has Empire State Republicans crying foul.

Why can’t the rest of the GOP fight?

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