UNHINGED: Tennessee School Board Member Caught on Hot Mic Asking Colleagues: “Can We Just Go Light Marsha Blackburn On Fire?”

After years of dehumanizing their political opponents, the establishment Left has successfully gotten the unhinged woke activists who mindlessly follow their propaganda to fully embrace the idea that people with varying opinions are not only racist bigots but are somehow deserving of violence to be done against them.

This horrific ideology has become commonplace among the activists who are in charge of the public school system and has caused some of them to step up their calls for violence against those they politically disagree with by leaps and bounds.

Following this week’s embarrassing showing for Biden’s SCOTUS nominee, Ketanji Jackson, some members of the Metropolitan Nashville Board of Public Education could not contain their hatred for those who dared question Jackson on her damning judicial record and radical views.

During a meeting this week, members of the board were caught on a hot mic thirsting for violence against Marsha Blackburn after the GOP Senator delivered an especially revealing line of questioning that resulted in Jackson immediately being immortalized as a meme because she refused to answer Blackburn’s simple question: “what is a woman?”

Instead, Jackson opted to claim that she is “not a biologist,” and therefore, can not provide a definition.

This, plus Jackson’s lenient sentencing of perverts in possession of child pornography, exposed her as the most radical pick for the high court in history.

WATCH: Biden’s SCOTUS Pick Says She ‘Can’t’ Define What A Woman Is “I Can’t, I’m Not a Biologist”


This was apparently too much for one woke Nashville school board member to handle. On the recording of the meeting that was released by TownHall, a woman can be heard asking her colleagues if they could “just go set Marsha Blackburn on fire.”

None of the officials involved have been identified as of yet.

From TownHall:

“‘Have you been watching these Supreme Court…,’ says an unidentified voice.

‘Let me tell y’all,’ says another.

‘She is something else,’ says one, apparently speaking of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson.

‘Let me tell y’all,’ repeats one.

‘I love her,’ gushes another about Biden’s SCOTUS nominee. 

‘Can we just go set Marsha Blackburn on fire?’ says one, taking the conversation in a dark direction.

Big yikes. 

How nice of the folks in charge of Nashville’s public schools to be modeling civility for their district’s students by… threatening to set a sitting United States Senator on fire. The comment — we hope — is just a unhinged outburst and not an actual threat against the life of Senator Blackburn, but the sentiment remains troubling nonetheless.”

Keep in mind, this is an elected public official making an open call for extreme violence towards a sitting member of the US Senate – albeit under the assumption there was no mic recording – all because Blackburn dared to do her job during the confirmation hearings. This woman even solicits her colleagues to join her.

Watch, via TownHall:


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