Strategic Relocation: How To Protect Your Family From Becoming Refugees In A War Torn World

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Right now, the people of Ukraine are taking up arms against invading forces, fielding minimally trained armed citizens including women and older children to defend their homeland. The rest of the innocent bystanders are hiding from incoming missiles and dodging the intense street fighting as they attempt to flee the city to the safety of the surrounding countryside. Few, if any of them have a predetermined safe destination to escape the chaos.

Where would you take your family if there were a grave emergency scenario in our country? Maybe not an invasion but consider a carefully calculated ‘cyber’ attacked that leaves the nations power grid crippled for months stopping the supply chain entirely and leaving cities without food, water, electricity and sanitation services.

Within 96 hours the metropolitan cities would become war zones as we see in Ukraine today. Roving gangs of criminals would exert iron fist control over the large cities expanding into the upper-class areas in search of food, water and of course anything of value, even your daughters will become a commodity.

The answer is to never become a refugee by providing your family a safe haven now, before it’s too late. Buy a small parcel of land with a homestead in Idaho, Montana or anywhere west of the Mississippi outside a rural town in a free state. Location truly matters, so does population density. Just review the nighttime map of the USA and remember you’ll be safer in the darkness, just bring your night vision and black rifle!

Flee the City offers clients in-depth consulting and real estate buyer services in Idaho, Montana and other free states on an affiliate basis. We will help you secure that perfect full-time homestead to raise your family or a fully integrated self-sufficient bug-out property complete with a bunker, just in case.

When you Flee the City to free America you can choose to grow your own organic food, hunt, fish, hike, start a family, homeschool your children and teach them the ways of our founding fathers, while building a legacy for your family for generations.

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Your loved ones are counting on you to provide freedom and safety no matter what happens in this world. Be the leader they need you to be, Flee the City!

Our client base is made up of folks from all walks of life. The common bond between us is a deep respect and reverence for the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights, ultimately providing for a common defense from tyranny.

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