Here’s More on the Shooter Who Killed Innocent Trump Supporter in Denver — Charges Were Dropped on Thursday

Yesterday it was reported that the man who shot and killed an innocent Trump supporter in Denver in October 2020 had charges dropped.  We previously reported how the individuals related to this killing were violent agitators connected to BLM and Satanists.

In October 2020 an innocent Trump supporter was shot dead in Denver.  The shooter was filmed killing the man in cold blood.  Yesterday, charges in Denver were dropped against the shooter.

The Trump supporter who was killed was first assaulted by a man dressed in a BLM teeshirt.  We later identified the man in the BLM teeshirt as Jeremiah Elliott, who we identified was connected to Satanists.

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: The ‘Agitator’ Involved in Murder of Trump Supporter in Denver, Jeremiah Elliot, Is Connected to Satanists

The media was there to film the entire scene.  After being assaulted the Trump supporter was confronted by the shooter who pulled out his gun and shot him dead.  We determined at that time that the shooter, Mathew Dolloff, had a long history of leftist activism.

REVEALED: Denver Shooter of Patriot Protester — Matthew Robert Dolloff — Has Long History of Leftist Activism, Media Says He Was Security Guard? — VIDEO

The story started with former U.S. Marine Corps Sergeant John “Tig” Tiegen, one of the men who helped defend the U.S. consulate in Benghazi in 2012, and a group of America-loving gentlemen. Tiegen and others organized a “Patriot Muster” — a gathering of conservative activists in the city of Denver.

In response to the ‘Patriot Muster’ the local gang of BLM-Antifa members gathered at the same time with a counter-protest. They reportedly had a canned food drive going on but some individuals at the event said the canned food was used to throw at the police.

This is when Lee Keltner was killed.

The murder was captured on camera.

Video of the ghastly murder celebration was captured by photographer Joseph A. Camp.

“One less white f-cking supremacist! F-ck yeah! Right in the f-cking dome! F-ck yeah,” an extremist shouts in the shocking and horrific footage.

Yesterday charges against the shooter Matthew Dolloff were dropped.  A local report shared:

Matthew Dolloff’s attorney, Douglas Richards, said the Denver District Attorney’s Office informed him by phone Thursday that prosecutors would dismiss the charge at a pre-trial hearing March 21. Dolloff did not face any other charges in the case.

“They just said they don’t believe they can prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt based upon the evidence,” said Richards, who declined further comment.

Prosecutors Drop Charges Against Far-Left ‘Security Guard’ Matthew Dolloff in Shooting Death of Trump Supporter in Denver

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