ROGER STONE EXCLUSIVE: A Legal, Political and Constitutional Plan to Restore President Trump to the White House

Guest post by Roger Stone

A legal, political and constitutional plan to restore President Trump to the White House.

Despite the fact that there is massive evidence of irregularities, anomalies, and voter fraud in the swing states in the 2020 election it is now clear that no state or federal court, no state or federal legislative body, and no regulatory agency is going to examine and evaluate this massive fraud.

Those who rightfully believe that the results of the 2020 Presidential election should be overturned and that Donald Trump should be reinstated as President of the United States, need to recognize that between the corporately owned fake news media insistence that no voter fraud exists, and the unwillingness of any of these establishment controlled entities being willing to even examine the bogus results, as well as because of the entire lack of any legal precedent, Donald Trump will not be restored to his rightful place in the White House by any Court or State body and the decertification of electors in any state-regardless of how flagrant the voter fraud-is unlikely.

There is, however, a perfectly legal, and viable route for Trump’s return to power. While others have suggested it, perhaps because of their lack of political experience, they have failed to recognize the impediments to success: Donald Trump should be selected as Speaker of the House if Republicans snag a majority in that body in the next election. Who gets elected in 2022 will determine the viability of this route back to power by the President.  I previewed the plan last Friday in my speech to General Flynn’s ReAwaken America Tour in San Diego.

Under this line of thinking, current illegitimate President Joe Biden, would either succumb to his obvious illnesses based on the actuary table (something we do not wish upon him) or he will be removed under the 25th amendment once he is fully judged as non compis mentis. Vice President Kamala Harris would then succeed to the Presidency only to be impeached for very obvious crimes by a Republican Senate in which case Speaker Donald Trump would be next in line for the Presidency, and thus restored to his rightful place in power. Those with little experience, however, fail to recognize the TWO greatest impediments: House minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.

The President’s supporters who believe that McCarthy, upon gaining a Majority, will simply step aside for Donald Trump are naive at best, and ignorant at worst. Those who believe that McConnell would move impeachment on the Senate floor to clear the way for Trump’s return are equally clueless. Both of these challenges can be addressed, however.

This is why it is essential that when Republicans take control of the House that a solid block of House Republicans are elected who have in their numbers the ability to deny McCarthy the speakership by abstaining and refusing to vote for any Republican for the position of Speaker other than Donald J. Trump. This is most certainly an achievable goal, as I can already identify as many as 40 viable House candidates who I know from private conversations will not vote for RINO McCarthy.

The Senate is much trickier, but this is where the power of public opinion can not be underestimated.

The Republican bulls in the Senate will be closely watching the results in Oklahoma, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Arkansas, and North Carolina. Despite the best efforts of the establishment Republican hierarchy to continue to insist that voters care not a wit about election integrity or the fraudulent outcome of the 2020 elections, the exact opposite is true. Polls of Republican primary voters that I have designed and conducted in Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Nevada, and California indicate that the most active Republican Primary voters are still furious about the outcome of the 2020 election being stolen and are reminded of the consequences every time they go to the gas pump. Pressure on the U.S. Senate will be greatly exacerbated by soaring fuel prices, a shortage of home heating oil next winter, food shortages blamed on some vague supply chain failure, and the billions Biden is pissing away on his various foreign policy debacles and disasters including Afghanistan and Ukraine, as well as the coming assault on Taiwan which the red Chinese most definitely have in the works.

A President Kamala Harris will be even less popular than a Vice President Kamala Harris. The basis for impeachment lies in the crimes against Humanity that are epitomized in the Covid-19 scandal in which the efficacy of Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine were denied and the dangers of the vaccine were hidden from the people.

The last impediment to this potential sequence of events strangely enough is former President Trump himself. I stand second to no man in my loyalty to the Former President; I was prepared to die in a Federal Prison rather than succumb to the pressure by Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his thugs to testify falsely against the President. I am therefore perplexed by the number of RINOs and other Trump haters that the President and his PAC have either endorsed or are contemplating endorsing in the upcoming Republican Primaries.

I fervently hope that the President will take into consideration in all his future endorsements a simple question of whether those he supports are committed to vote against Kevin McCarthy assuming the Speakership in the House and to build a swing block of Republican US Senators whose whip hand over Mitch McConnell in the US Senate for the impeachment and removal of Biden if necessary to save the United States.

Liberals hate Roger Stone because he is so smart.

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