Right Wing Independent Journalist Running for Idaho Governor as a DEMOCRAT — To ‘Make Democrats Conservative Again’

Right-wing independent journalist and political commentator Dave Reilly has announced that he has joined the Idaho gubernatorial race — as a Democrat.

The Kootenai County, Idaho, GOP has been fairly open about their plans to stage a hostile takeover of the local Democratic Party.

“For years the Democrat party has endorsed far-left extremism. From abortion, to antifa & Black Lives Matter, to $7 gasoline and the destruction of Women’s sports. It has gone on long enough. I am officially announcing my run for governor of Idaho, as a Democrat,” Reilly tweeted.

“Together,” he added, “We Will Make Democrats Conservative Again!”

Speaking to the Gateway Pundit about his campaign, Reilly said “Democrats across rural America feel like they’ve been taken hostage by politicians who’ve endorsed far-left ideology.”

“After the George Floyd riots, which resulted in dozens of deaths and billions in damages, to the extreme lockdowns and mandates which crippled our economy, and now with international sanctions. You can’t even go to a gas pump without being reminded of the horrible mistakes democrats have made over the last two years,” Reilly continued. “Normal Democrats are fed up and do not support any of this.”

“We are going to take over the Democrat Party in Idaho, and we are going to make Democrats conservative again!” Reilly added.

The outspoken right-wing political hopeful filed his paperwork to run on Sunday.

According to his campaign website, Reilly is pro-family, pro-worker, and pro-life.

“Idaho’s future is in our children. I will ensure that the crime of abortion is never again committed in Idaho, and I will bring those responsible for committing the heinous acts to justice,” the campaign website asserts.

Reilly’s campaign is also pro-small business and promises to “tax out of state companies (especially corporations with policies that infringe on medical freedom) at a higher rate than companies owned by Idahoans. Wal-Mart and Amazon should be prevented from destroying our main streets and our little mom & pop shops.”

“The nuclear family is the basic building block of society, and it must be protected at all costs. As governor, I will implement pro-natal policies, and provide young families with a monthly stipend for every child under 18,” the website adds.


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