“I Have No Problem Being the Bad Guy” – Far-Left Politico Praises Georgia Governor Kemp for Certifying the 2020 Election Results in Georgia

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp who is running for reelection against former Georgia Senator David Perdue, has no problems with his actions certifying the fraudulent 2020 Presidential Election results in Georgia. 

Far-left Politico came out with an article praising current Georgia Governor Brian Kemp for certifying the fraudulent results in the 2020 Election.  Politico discusses the election and then shares a story after the election.

Ahead of a Dec. 3 fundraiser at Truist Park, Kemp called a meeting with the two senators and three of their top aides to hash the matter out. His office had been communicating with the senators’ campaigns on a daily basis about the legal problems with a special session. Perdue said his deputies didn’t always speak for him. He wanted to meet in person and talk it over face to face.

They gathered into a cramped room on the fringe of the stadium, a windowless event space with a few couches and a small bathroom. Like so many other instances in the runoff, the Republicans in the room felt that Trump had put them in an impossible bind.

After some idle chatter, Perdue made his position clear. The campaign aides who indicated he didn’t want to summon legislators back to the Capitol didn’t represent his stance on this issue, Perdue said. Looking Kemp directly in the eye, the senator told the governor that he wanted a special session to prove to the party’s base that their elected officials would go to the mat for the president. Trump could say whatever he wanted since he didn’t have a runoff to worry about, but Perdue still had a campaign to wage. He viewed a special session as a way to prove his worthiness to the GOP base without joining the ranks of the conspiracy theorists.

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