Michigan State House GOP Special Primary Winner Says He Wants To Decertify Michigan’s 2020 Election (VIDEO)

The winner of a GOP primary in a Michigan State House special election, Robert Regan, says he will support decertification of Michigan’s fraudulent 2020 election.

Regan won the primary election because Michigan voters know the 2020 election was stolen, and they want justice.

Fox 17 reports,

Robert “RJ” Regan prides himself in being a grassroots conservative and thinks his ground game helped lead him to a close victory in Tuesday’s 74th district GOP special primary, but according to experts his victory could also be a sign of former President Donald Trump’s increasing and lasting influence on the Republican Party and its base.

Regan’s victory in Tuesday’s primary came as a bit of surprise in some circles, as he edged out three other candidates including Walker Mayor Pro-tem Steven Gilbert, who received endorsements from the Michigan Chamber and Michigan Freedom Network among other organizations and lawmakers.

Voters are done with establishment hacks.

Regan recently appeared in an interview where he said he supports decertification, post-election audits, voter ID, and other election integrity measures.

Regan: I think our only option at this point is maybe a petition drive to get it on the ballot. And if we do that, we could vote to decertify or we’re going to have to actually take it through a court system with a different avenue and really go after it. Maybe it’s a national security issue, or really going after the qualified voter file, looking at those signature cards.

Parseghian: So do you trust you know, last night’s results when you won?

Regan: Well, they’re going to do a full canvas audit tomorrow. I think it’s tomorrow or Thursday, it seems what they said. I actually did send out a letter to our county prosecutor and said, Listen, we need to make sure that this is on the up and up and legit and our elections director assured me, I mean for an hour and he explained to me how there’s absolutely no way this could be going on and we talked about the qualified voter files. And I asked respectfully for a hand count at the end of the night of each tabulation machine. I said this is going to all turn out election 10 or 15 minutes to do a hand count tabulation machine before the tapes are signed. So you know, we’ll find out I’m going to put my trust in Jarrett in the system downtown Grand Rapids, and we’ll see what they say after tomorrow’s audit.

Parseghian: But it’s not the same system that you know, they used in 2020 and Kent County, the clerk’s here, and the counties all across the state. It’s the same thing, right? They don’t really change anything.

Regan: right. They didn’t really change a whole lot. I think the big difference is we didn’t have the mass absentee ballot applications being mailed out. We do have the voter ID now. So things have changed and plus it’s a very small turnout election.

The Gateway Pundit has reported extensively on the rampant fraud throughout Michigan and the corrupt officials who got busted covering it up.

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The Arizona and Wisconsin State Legislatures are already moving forward with the decertification of 2020.

Michigan needs to decertify its fraudulent 2020 election immediately.

Regan will face Democrat Carol Glanville in the special election on May 3.

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