Kevin McCarthy Is a Complete Disaster – For the Sake of the Nation, He Must Step Down From GOP Leadership

Kevin McCarthy and his roommate, anti-Trumper Frank Luntz

Earlier this week the Pelosi family bought $2 million in Tesla stock. This was also at the same time Democrats were pushing their green energy spending.

The stock jumped 8% the next week and Tesla announced another stock split on Monday.

Those Pelosis sure know how to play the market!

Inflation is at a 40 year high.

Gas prices are STILL at their highest levels ever for the second week in a row.

Joe Biden nearly started a World War with nuclear Russia over the weekend and can’t complete a sentence.

Americans have lost their freedom of speech thanks to the Big Tech leftists.  Big Tech, Big Pharma and Big Government worked together to silence any opposing and truthful narrative during the COVID pandemic. The left is threatening to destroy our way of life.

Innocent Trump supporters are locked up in prison without trial for attending a rally or walking into the US Capitol on January 6th.

Democrats are pushing a radical lunatic who is soft on child porn traffickers to the Supreme Court.

The Marxists are destroying this nation. Conservatives and patriots are under constant assault.

Over the weekend, young Rep. Madison Cawthorn (R-NC) sat down for an interview where he discussed being invited to orgies by the DC elites.

Via The Storm Has Arrived:

Rep. Cawthorn turned them down.
No wonder the elites hate Madison Cawthorn. He won’t play with them.

After Rep. Cawthorn’s remarks, Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy called him in for a meeting. McCarthy then lambasted Cawthorn for daring to talk about the corruption and perversion in Washington DC.

McCarthy warned Rep. Madison Cawthorn that he needs to turn his life around or “there will be consequences.”

It is not clear what party Kevin McCarthy represents. But it is clear that he does not represent the majority of GOP voters as Rep. Cawthorn does. Rather than keeping the focus on the Pelosi-led House, McCarthy turned the focus on Rep. Cawthorn.

McCarthy is either corrupt or an idiot. He should step down —  or ‘there will be consequences.’

Republican voters and the Trump base have NO USE for RINOs and wimps today.

Kevin McCarthy must go. What an absolute disgrace.

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