Joe Biden Wanders Around Confused After Speech to Veterans (VIDEO)

This is the guy who’s in charge as Putin threatens the West with nukes.

Joe Biden vowed to help veterans exposed to burn pits in Iraq and Afghanistan during remarks in Forth Worth, Texas on Tuesday.

Biden said the VA took too long to offer Vietnam War vets coverage for health problems that stemmed from toxic smoke.

“I refuse to repeat that mistake when it comes to veterans of Iraq and Afghan wars. Not only did they face the dangers in the battlefield, but they were breathing toxic smoke and burn pits, where they would be with their base,” Biden said.

Biden’s speech was also full of gaffes and bizarre comments.

At one point Biden went off script: “The three congressman you have here, two of them look like they really could and did play ball, and the other one looks like he can bomb you.”

Here are the three Congressmen to which Biden is referring:

After mumbling through remarks, Joe Biden got lost on stage and wandered around confused.

God help us.


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