“Get That Garbage Outta Here!” – Marjorie Taylor Greene Demolishes Fake News Reporter For Insinuating She is “Pro-Putin” (VIDEO)

America First Congressmember Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) has long been a favorite target of the Fake News extremists who have slandered her since she was elected in 2020.

In addition to the constant baseless media and political attacks, she has faced the wrath of Big Tech, getting suspended and censored multiple times as the Left’s crackdown on dissent continues to worsen.

Now, with the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine, the propagandists are turned their sights on Greene for not following along with the approved narrative, with some outlets, like Newsweek, running headlines that refer to the first-term congresswoman as a “Russian Asset.”

Just yesterday, The Independent ran a headline labeling Greene as a “useful idiot” for her comments about Biden’s ties to Ukraine, calling her proven claims – you guessed it – “conspiracy theories.”

On Friday morning, Greene was approached by one of the fake news’ propagandists while she was walking in the streets of DC. In usual fashion, the reporter accused Greene of being a Putin/Kremlin apologist as he pressed her about voting no against the Democrats’ multi-trillion-dollar spending package that included billions in aid to Ukraine.

After ripping into the “incompetent” and corrupt Biden regime and explaining her reasoning behind voting against the measure, the reporter finally got to the point and attempted his ‘gotcha’ moment.

Unfortunately for fake news reporter “Andrew,” the shameless attempt at getting a soundbite to slander Greene didn’t go as planned. She ate this fool for lunch.

Should have prepped better, bub.

“What do you say to those who argue that [your no vote] combined with the thread on Nazism in Ukraine, and all the other comments you’ve made, represent a sympathy towards Russia and the Kremlin,” the reporter asked Greene.

“Okay, first off, that’s ridiculous – and you need to stop. I don’t have any sympathy for Putin and Russia, okay? Greene said angrily.

“So, you can take your pro-Putin garbage and you can take it somewhere else,” she added. “What Putin is doing in Russia is murderous and it’s evil – and I’ve said so since the beginning.”

“So, if you are going to talk about my remarks, talk about all of them, Andrew – and be more honest in your journalism,” Greene concludes before leaving him in the dust.

Boom. Now that’s how you handle these lying vultures.

Greene uploaded a video of the incident to her Twitter on Friday, reiterating that the propagandists can smear her all they want, but she is “only loyal to a single country: The United States of America.

The same can’t be said for all members of Congress, she also points out.

Take a look:


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