Famous Brazilian Singer Hospitalized for Holding Fart Whenever She’s Around Her Boyfriend

A Brazilian singer suffered severe stomach pain allegedly due to holding farts for too long whenever she’s around with her boyfriend.

The 27-year-old Brazilian singer Viviane de Queiroz Pereira, also known by her stage name Pocah, shamelessly admitted on her Instagram story that she was hospitalized for “trapped gas” for holding her farts for an extended of time because she was too embarrassed to cut one in front of her boyfriend.

Pocah thought she was having a kidney problem or appendicitis.

“I’m now fine. Just an accumulation of trapped farts,” Pocah reportedly said in a post to her almost 16 million Instagram followers.

“Girls, don’t be ashamed to fart in front of your guy. Because what’s really embarrassing is not letting your guy sleep because you’re in discomfort, going to the hospital with your guy, and the diagnosis being ‘trapped farts.’ From now on, I’m letting them rip, guys. I’m medicated and I’m fine,” Pocah said.

According to Healthline, holding in a fart can cause immediate pain, discomfort, bloating, indigestion, heartburn in the short term.

Another article from the Conversation said, “trying to hold it in leads to a build-up of pressure and major discomfort. A build-up of intestinal gas can trigger abdominal distension, with some gas reabsorbed into the circulation and exhaled in your breath. Holding on too long means the build-up of intestinal gas will eventually escape via an uncontrollable fart.”

“The research is not clear on whether the rise in pressure in your rectum increases your chance of developing a condition called diverticulitis, where small pouches develop in the gut lining and become inflamed – or whether it doesn’t matter at all,” the Conversation continued.

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