BREAKING…”It’s over!” Mike Lindell To Steve Bannon: Part III of Independent Mesa Co., CO Forensic Exam Report FINALLY Provides Evidence His Team’s Been Waiting For [VIDEO]

100 Percent Fed Up reports – This morning, Mike Lindell appeared on Steve Bannon’s War Room where he revealed that Part III of the independent forensic report on Mesa County, Colorado’s Dominion vote tabulator (upon the direction of the now-dismissed County Clerk Tina Peters) is now available. (See HERE.) The report was prepared by Doug Gould, chief technical officer of Cyber Team US. Gould is an expert in Cyber Security with more than 40 years of experience in the field. He retired from AT&T after 31 years, where he served as Chief Cyber Security Strategist.

Mr. Lindell told War Room host Steve Bannon that his team of lawyers will be using this new evidence to get preliminary injunctions in individual states “to shut down their machines.” Mike told Steve they would be starting with seven states, although he did not name the states.

Watch the interview here, which begins at 7:10 min. mark:

A summary of the key findings in the report by Doug Gould claim- The forensic examination found that numerous logfiles had been deleted or overwritten. These logfiles are required to reconstruct the function of and events taking place on the voting systems, and based upon information provided by legal counsel, must, by law, be preserved.

These statutory requirements establish that voting systems are required to generate and preserve, as critical to the
ability to determine and reproduce the conditions and details of election conduct using these systems, logfiles of all
system functions, including normal activity, connectivity, file and data access, operator- and automated-processes,
and errors. Logfiles are critical to the ability to detect improper operation, including the ability to detect malicious
intrusions as well as other improper activities and conditions, and configuration changes that could enable alteration
of the actual vote count.

Assuming this information to be correct, this forensic examination found that a substantially large number of these
requirements have not been met. This examination also found that destruction of critical logfiles has occurred. This
destruction is not incidental or minor but is extensive.

The purpose of this initial report is to document these findings and present preliminary evidence demonstrating
unacceptable conduct and system defects revealed by the examined images, as necessary for the Chief Election
Official to discharge her statutory obligations. The facts and resultant findings support the conclusions that:

1) Election-related data explicitly required to be preserved, as stated in the 2002 VS criteria referenced in
this section, have been destroyed in violation of Federal and State law, and
2) Due to non-compliance with the 2002 VS requirements, these voting systems and accompanying
vendor-provided, Colorado Secretary of state-approved procedures cannot meet the certification
requirements of the State of Colorado, and should not have been certified for use in the state.

Comprehensive investigation is required to determine whether these critical failures are the result of malicious intent
or negligence, and to what extent the systems may have been compromised or subjected to unauthorized access or
operation prior to, during, and after election use. That comprehensive investigation is beyond the scope of this report.

Multiple news agencies and individuals that spoke about the possibility of voter fraud via third-party voting machines in the November 2020 election, were silenced by multi-billion dollar lawsuits against them. Since the lawsuits by Smartmatic and Dominion were filed, news outlets have refused to cover any new developments uncovered by Mike Lindell and IT experts on the topic over the fear of losing their networks, publications, and ultimately, their livelihoods.

On March 9, Forbes reported that voting company Smartmatic’s defamation lawsuit against Fox News can move forward—but challenges against other defendants including Sidney Powell cannot—a judge ruled Tuesday, as Smartmatic and Dominion Voting Systems pursue 11 defamation lawsuits over baseless election fraud claims about their voting machines.

Despite the threats against him, the successful and beloved My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell has never given up on his fight to expose voter fraud in the November 2020 election, in fact, he’s doubled down with the creation of Frank Speech that gives Mike and other conservative voices the ability to speak freely about topics Americans care about without fear of retribution.

Mike  is not alone in his belief that the November election was stolen—a recent Axios poll showed only a slim majority (55%) accepts Joe Biden as having legitimately won the 2020 election.

So why are the voting machine companies going to such extreme efforts to shut down those, like Mike Lindell who are simply asking if they have nothing to hide, why won’t they allow the machines used in the November 2020 election to be inspected?

Here are just a few of the incredible accomplishments of Mr. Gould, who the media will attempt to malign and destroy in 5…4…3…2…1:

Chief Technical Officer of Cyber Team US.Doug Gould

Major Forensic Cases

• 1986 – Disclosure of National Security Information
Discovered a leak of highly classified information and was able to identify the perpetrator within a group of 15 people. The FBI and US Naval Investigative Service brought this to resolution.
• Early 1990’s – US Secret Service investigation, “Mothers of Doom” hacker case
At USSS Evidence Lab, in response to a request for assistance from USS SA Jack Lewis, performed evidence recovery and identified 800 pages of evidence, invalidating immunity of a suspect’s testimony in a proffer session.
• Late 1990’s – Interpath, a North Carolina Internet Service Provider (ISP)
This ISP was a tier-1 (top level) provider infected with Stacheldraht malware. Investigated the live (running) server and identified that all evidence on disc had been deleted. The only remaining evidence was a running program in memory, which was recovered. This case changed the Best Practice in Forensics – no longer is the first step necessarily removing the power. Had that been done no evidence would remain in this case.
• Late 1990’s – As senior security administrator for the US EPA, investigated a complaint from the White House of computer intrusions and discovered an international attack involving 4 countries. Wrote monitoring and tracking software to capture the perpetrator online, brought together the FBI, Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), Scotland Yard and Deutche Bundespost in a live investigation tracking the intruder resulting in an arrest in Germany.
• South Carolina – A Public Works supervisor accused of violation of county policy was fired and brought countersuit. Forensic investigation recovered 4 3” thick binders of evidence showing sexual misconduct. Countersuit dismissed.
• Discovered Al Qaida attack plans targeting US Soil. Working with the FBI, the perpetrator, who was a foreign citizen in the US. Arrest made within 48 hours and the attack was thwarted.
• Mid-2000’s – Florida vs. Rabinowicz – in a case where possession of contraband was the only element of proof, stipulated that the contraband was authentic and present. I proved forensically that the defendant was not technically in possession of the evidence and that evidence was planted. Qualified as an expert witness and provided expert testimony in this case.
• Mid-2000’s – Identified a leak of national security from Oak Ridge National Laboratory involving chemical weapon information using forensic analysis and was able to identify the perpetrator. DSS responded and resolved the case.
• Mid-2000’s – Investigated sabotage of a health industry contractor. The systems administrator had been fired and sabotaged the system. Solved the case and the administrator went to prison.
Instructor of Forensics
• Taught Forensics and Advance Forensic Techniques to State Law Enforcement, Military and major corporate customers at the World Institute for Security Enhancement.
• Taught Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) course for government and industry at the World Institute for Security Enhancement.
• Wrote the entire course and taught the entire CISSP curriculum at Able Information Systems.

As a disclaimer, 100 Percent Fed Up and Gateway Pundit cannot confirm the results of Mr. Gould’s forensic examination study.


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