“Beyond the Pale For ANY Civilized Society to Consider” – Newly Introduced California Abortion Bill Could Legalize Infanticide For Several Weeks After Birth

How far down does the slippery slope go?

A newly proposed bill in the California State Legislature could expand the ghastly practice of abortion to include infanticide – the killing of a newborn child – for several weeks, months, or even years after a child is born.

According to the pro-life group ‘Right to Life League,’ CA Assembly Bill 2223 “literally decriminalizes infanticide” by eliminating civil and criminal penalties for abortion up to, and past, the point of birth. The bill specifically includes the term “perinatal death” under the definition of abortion, which would allow for fully-developed, already-born babies to be snuffed out at the will of their mothers for a still-undefined amount of time.

We all know how extreme the liberal bastion of California is already; however, AB 2223 takes things to a whole new level. This is pure evil.

From the text of AB 2223:

“[A] person shall not be subject to civil or criminal liability or penalty, or otherwise deprived of their rights, based on their actions or omissions with respect to their pregnancy or actual, potential, or alleged pregnancy outcome, including miscarriage, stillbirth, or abortion, or perinatal death.”

Last month, radical California lawmakers introduced a bevy of extreme pro-abortion proposals, including AB 2223, in an effort to uphold Governor Gavin Newsom’s promise to make California a “sanctuary” state for killing unborn children.

AB 2223 includes the most radical language of all the proposals, and clearly exposes the true colors of the radical pro-abortion lobby, according to Thomas More Society Special Counsel Charles LiMandri.

The proposed bill explicitly allows for the “brutal murder” of newborn babies for weeks, months, or potentially years, LiMandri said, pointing out that the Federal Government defines ‘perinatal’ as “up to 24 months” following birth.

LiMandri explained to LifeSite News in an email earlier this week:

[AB 2223] exposes the false narrative that the abortion lobby has been peddling for over half a century:  That no one knows when life begins, and babies in their mothers’ wombs feel no pain. No sane person can deny that a newborn infant is a fully developed human being, one that is capable of feeling intense pain. Yet, by including ‘perinatal’ in its provisions, [the bill] would authorize the brutal murder of these infants even after they are born.

[Citing PubMed.gov] The perinatal period, broadly defined, encompasses the time frame from … 18 to 24 months after the birth of the child.

Hence, [AB 2223] leaves one to ask: ‘What kind of depraved monsters would justify the killing of innocent and helpless children between one week and two years after their birth?”

In closing, LiMandri sums the issue up perfectly, saying this ghastly proposal “is beyond the pale for any civilized society to even consider, and must be aggressively opposed by all people of conscience who value human life.”


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