‘Bail of a Murderer!” – Steve Bannon Snaps, Calls For A Crusade!… After Gold Star Mom Tina Peters Jailed with $Half Million “Cash Only” Bail – HERE’S HOW YOU CAN HELP!

You’ve never seen Steve Bannon as pissed off as he was last night on his new TV show “War Room: Battleground”. Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters was indicted on several counts Tuesday. On Wednesday she turned herself in around 4 PM, according to the Mesa County Sheriff’s Office. Bannon learned live, during his show, that they threw this 66-year-old Gold Star mom in jail. She was not released because they set an insanely high $500,000 bond. This isn’t typical bail where you pay 5-10% to get out. The radical judge ordered a “cash-only” bond which is typically used for high flight risks. Peters has to pay the full amount to be released. Tina has never broken a law in her life. Her bail hearing is Thursday morning.

Rant starts at 37:50.


Steve Bannon March 9/2022 – War Room Battleground Ep. 3

Bannon is absolutely correct. The harassment Peters has faced from these people in the CO judicial system and SOS Jena Griswold has crossed the line. Their contact info is below. (37:50) Bannon says: “If you think we’re going to back down one inch from supporting Tina Peters you are dead wrong. She’s a Gold Star Mother and a fine woman. The concept in this nation….that a Gold Star Mother has to spend a night in jail…I want everybody to embrace that. The people that did this to Tina, your names will live in shame forever. And we’re going to make sure they do.

“What you did is revolting. You have no earthly idea what you’re…..OK……TINA PETERS IS NOW A NATIONAL CRUSADE, A NATIONAL CRUSADE! We have no honor if we are prepared to have a Gold Star Mother sit in a cold jail out there in Mesa County (CO). This is a disgrace to this nation. This is unbelievable!” Here is the “Stand With Tina” Legal Defense Fund.

The Colorado State GOP Chair (CO) Kristi Burton Brown sent out a press release yesterday asking for Tina Peters to suspend her campaign for SOS. Tina is running for Secretary of State to rid the system of its election corruption. Brown asks Peters to stop running only because she’s been accused of crimes. This RINO behavior infuriates conservatives and Bannon too. He says: “So we want the GOP Chairman of Colorado to step down. That’s what we want. And we’re going to demand it.”

GP has covered this case extensively. Peters had the wisdom and courage to make a forensic copy of an election hard drive before scheduled Dominion staff arrived in her office. She also had an IT person onsite observing the SOS sanctioned vendors as they installed the “trusted build” software update. Comparing the before and after images, Peters discovered critical election records and logs were wiped from the system on purpose by this update. It was ordered by the SOS to hide possible election fraud. Peters issued two reports, the 2nd is the most damning.

Bannon goes on: “If you’re going to try and criminalize this, you’re going to a different level. And we’re not going to tolerate it. A RED tsunami is coming in this country.  It’s going to throw all you bums out. We’re not going to have a judge put a Gold Star mother overnight and on $500,000 cash bails. The charges are all nickel and dime. They’re doing this to humiliate her and to break her. And I got news for you. You AINT GONNA break Tina Peters. The people in the nation are going to dig in and support her more.”


The “Stand With Tina” Legal Defense Fund: Provides help for the other plaintiffs too.
Tina Peters Secretary of State Campaign:
It also has a place to donate. These donations can only be used for the campaign.

GOP Chair That Wants Tina to Quit!

Kristi Burton Brown – CO GOP State Party Chairwoman
[email protected]  303-758-3333
Priscilla Rahn – State Party Vice-Chair
[email protected]

The State Election Lady:

Jena Griswold – CO Secretary of State
[email protected] or [email protected]

The Radical Lawyers:

Dan Rubinstein – Mesa County District Attorney
[email protected] 970-244-1730
Janet Stansberry Drake – CO Deputy Attorney General
[email protected] 720-508-6000

Robert S. Shapiro (CO Assistant Attorney General)
[email protected] 720) 508-6715
Phil Weiser – Colorado Attorney General
[email protected]

The Judge & Chambers:

Judge Gretchen B. Larson
[email protected]
21st Judicial District – Division 12
970-257-3637 or  970-257-3681
970-257-3640 Main
970-257-3660 – Clerk of the Courts

Will Sightler – Court Executive
[email protected]

The Sheriff:

Todd Rowell – Mesa County Sheriff
[email protected]
(970) 244-3921

(He’s new, appointed Aug. 2021)

More Mesa County Leadership:
Emails & Phone List

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